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Prof. Debarati Halder Parul Institute of Law becomes the first woman to publish the world's first book on Cyber Criminology

Prof. Debarati Halder who is a dedicated professor from the Institute of Law PU has demonstrated the power of pursuing one's passion in the career journey to change the world. A woman of many qualities, passionate writer, blogger, YouTuber, and above all a mother has broken all odds being the first woman to publish the very first book titled Cyber Victimology in the world. Her book was published by the prestigious Routledge Publications, United Kingdom.  Her persistence and commitment to drive change in the legal community have favored her to reach millions of lives in an effort to empower them to stand for their rights. Furthermore, With more than two decades worth of experience Prof Debarati has been pushing the scope of research and her work has been recognized by the Cambridge Core Papers. 

Growing up in a family of writers Prof Debarati was exposed to the ins and outs of writing at a very young age whereby she developed a love for writing. During her days after graduating from a prestigious institution of  NLSIU, Bangalore, Prof Debarati learned that the Internet was a neglected area and there was a lack of awareness of these things. She started writing blogs on Cyber Safety for women and eventually ventured into legislative & scientific research for the same. During this time, she stumbled upon the property and inheritance laws in the country for women. This led to the first research paper written by her titled ‘Property rights for Hindu women. In 2008 her work was listed under the Cambridge Core Papers, utilized by universities throughout the world. 

In 2011, her first book came out that focused on Cyber Crimes against women and the laws concerned with it. It also happened to be the first book in the world on the topic, published by IGI Globals, USA. Being a publisher of seven books has helped her gain a lot of exposure and ultimately a regular writing feature in numerous criminology bodies around the world. Despite this, she felt the need to come up with something that was direct, immediate, and approachable. This is when she started her own online NGO in 2009. She provided consultation to victims of Cybercrime, especially women. Her diligence to create change paved a way for many stakeholders such as the National Commission of Women, Facebook, Google, State & National Commission for Child Rights.

The desire to help victims of cyberbullying motivated her to write her book Cyber victimology which has now become a best seller across the globe. Amongst her remarkable achievements, the professor has also become one of the first women in India to propose laws against revenge porn. Moreover, Prof Debarati has taken a hand in the future of many students over the past years as a lecturer at PU. The students at the university have been privileged to interact and learn from her treasure of knowledge. Her decades of experience have proven that passion is the beginning of success and without it, mankind can never move beyond himself. Prof Deberati Halder shared that “everyone should be aware of the rights in the cyber world, no matter what the situation is, never take the law into your own hands. Instead, always seek professional and legal help while having faith in the judiciary”.