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A world that has replaced human judgment with technology

Technology has been one of humanity’s biggest breakthroughs which has made life easy, however, growing modernization has brought too much dependency on gadgets. The benefits of using gadgets are very exciting, including the reduction of commuter stress, efficiency in completing tasks, cost-effectiveness, reduced muscle strength, and more. However, this escalated reliance has also increased the incidence of accidents. The major issue is that people have neglected their role and responsibility when using these gadgets which has led to these unforeseen occurrences. 

Scientists have coined a term known as Cognitive offloading which refers to replacing the human responsibility to mentally process tasks through physical effort by using gadgets to do work. Are you in the habit of storing information on your computer? Do you depend on your phone to store your friend's contact details? Then you are enjoying the benefits of cognitive offloading.

This dependency has also been seen on self-driving cars, due to the overconfidence of the cars many drivers have landed themselves in accidents.  As humans offload tasks they also neglect the benefits of doing those tasks such as acquiring new information a vital part of learning, developing good judgment, and team building among many others. To reduce the tendency of forgetfulness and failure to deliver basic human procedures, Technology should be used with the understanding of its limitations for a better tomorrow.