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A mark of excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation grants PU a 4-star Ranking by the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell

A true testament to an age-long commitment to empowering a generation through education has been displayed by the Vadodara-based PU once more. For three years consecutively the university has been receiving the highest rating of 4 stars from the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell, GoI in the Institute Innovation Star Rating. For its contribution to entrepreneurship and innovation, the university has once again been recognized in its region for the academic year 2022-2023. additionally, This ranking makes the university among the only nine universities in the central zone and among the only 4 universities in Gujarat to receive this highest rating. 

Over the years, the University has put in place excellent systems that have allowed it to produce this reputable track record, including state-of-the-art buildings, world-class facilities, and experienced faculties from renowned NITs and IITs, among many other attributes. Moreover, the university continues to fuel the creativity of entrepreneurship within its students by providing various platforms that allow them to excel in their startups. Along these lines, grants amounting to Lacs in rupees have been granted to young university innovators to support their ideas and usher them to the next level of their dreams. PU has successfully nurtured young minds who will secure positions in tech giants and create more job opportunities for the coming generations.