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A decade of providing excellence as Parul Sevashram Hospital celebrates 10 years of healthcare excellence through 10 initiatives for the community, staff and patients.

One of the city’s leading multi-speciality hospitals, Parul Sevashram Hospital recently  celebrated a decade of providing excellent and comprehensive medical services to the  communities in Vadodara, Gujarat and all over India. With the aim to save and improve the  quality of life, the hospital initiated 10 events which were platforms to reach out to society.  Furthermore, the hospital is a home of wellness which has grown and expanded its wings to  accommodate 750 beds as a result, this NABH accredited hospital has become one of the  leading and successful healthcare centres in Vadodara. 

As part of the 10 events, the staff members went forth to donate valuable items to the  surrounding communities which were conducted successfully under the Joy of Giving initiative,  under which eye glasses were also given to the needy. “As a hospital this achievement is truly  a great milestone for us and to commemorate this, we organised a few headlining events  where hospital staff contributed to the joy of giving and donated items to needy people, quality  and safety drive & blood donation drive were conducted in the hospital, felicitation of our  patient survivors and free community health awareness camps. We also organised a  felicitation ceremony for our doctors and staffs, said Ms. Ekta Modi the Hospital’s Chief  Operating Officer. In an effort to impact lives, star doctors and medical staff. As a part of its  commemoration community screening camps were conducted and more than 200  beneficiaries received these services. 

World Patient Safety Day is celebrated across the world on 17 September. With the aim of  promoting patient safety by increasing awareness and engagement, enhancing quality and  safety at the workplace, poster competition was organized where the safety norms, practices  etc were displayed, continuous training were imparted and role plays were conducted. In  addition, the hospital’s patient survivors were felicitated with the Parul Arogya card to share  hope and ease the burden of healthcare service to their families.  

Through the recent patient-centric development the hospital introduced more advanced  treatment facilities such as kidney transplant centres and others. As a part of healthcare  excellence, free community screening camps were organized and more than 200 beneficiaries  took the benefit. “PSH has not only been providing a holistic based approach to health care  but the hospital has been advancing the scope of medical training to students by offering state of-the-art facilities through the support and guidance of expert medical professionals. Our aim  is to provide affordable and quality health services which align with our vision, Health for all  and we will continuously ensure that this is achieved in our hospital,” shared Dr. Geetika Patel,  Medical Director of Parul Sevashram Hospital.