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Six NCC Cadets from PU are all set to march Before the Prime Minister of India at the 74th Republic Day Parade 2023

It has been more than 74 years since India gained its freedom, and joining the 2023 Republic Day Celebration are six of PU's NCC cadets who will be taking part in the parade in New Delhi. The grand event annually witnesses the attendance of thousands of proud citizens and government officials, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi As the nation takes pride in celebrating and embracing the growth and trajectory of India over the years, PU is also expressing its pride by having its NCC students having the honour of marching before the nation's Prime Minister.

Over the last six months, the students underwent through rigorous training competing against other cadets in order to represent the Gujarat Directorate. The students include Cadet Saara Fatima who is a wing army in the youth programme and prime ministers rally, LCadet Sejal Yadav is in the youth exchange programme and best cadet competion, and L.Cadet Raviraj Singh Sisodiya is in the guard of honour. In the current year a greater number of cadets from the University were selected over the past years, with additional cadets such as Cadet Jairaj Singh Paddiyar, the guard of honour, Cadet Jivani Devansh and Cadet Prisca Patric Prim as the Kartavya path.

The Armed Forces Motivational Cell's at the University is continuously training NCC cadets in effort to instil military bearing, leadership qualities, and to assist them towards pursuing careers in the Armed Forces. These efforts have paid rich dividends for the NCC cadets of PU. The cadets are trained in physical fitness, self-discipline, public speaking, military bearing and drill competitions amongst many other valuable skill sets

"It is our duty at PU to ensure students are trained and groomed in such a way that allows them to have a sense of responsibility towards the nation. It is truly a matter of pride to see our students represent the University on such great national platform. We shall continue nurturing them to pursue careers that allow them to serve the nation," said the University's President, Dr Devanshu Patel.