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Setting ablaze the nation’s young innovative minds as PU organizes another edition of the State’s largest tech-fest, Projections 22.

Gujarat’s largest technical festival projection once again ignites the innovative minds of the youth across the State at PU’s Vadodara campus. The festival was officially inaugurated on the 3rd of March and already saw a great buzz in youth participation and engagement in the endless technical events, games, and enriching knowledge platforms.This year’s festival was marked by a total of over 50 different technical, non-technical, special events, workshops, and guest lectures which saw the participation of 8000 and students approximately 35,000 viewers. Over the years, projections has been one of the platforms which has been known for providing the students with platforms for their technical and innovative expression.

Being organized from the 3rd of March to the 4th of March, the theme for this year’s festival was “Envision.” The organizing team set forth this theme with the purpose of demonstrating how humanity has innovated, how technology has advanced, and how people have evolved as a result of technological advancement. The mascot of Projections 22, “Jaspy '' was a clear representation of this evolution, projecting the power of innovation and the significance of technology in the lives of the youth. The events of this fest were primarily focused on technological advances in the world of IoT, internet of things, artificial intelligence, amongst other forms of cutting-edge technologies.  

This platform proved to be more than a festival as it also acted as a place where students could meet and engage with industry experts while exhibiting their numerous innovations and projects. The winning award for Projections this year stood at about 5 Lakh inclusively. The festival garnered nationwide attention as this year’s festivities saw the registration and participation of students from various States of India. Some of these out of State teams included from Goa teams called BHP & Phoenix Goa, from MP,  Megatrons, Xenon, and Ibots India, from Maharashtra, the fest registered the teams Blanka Botz, Dhruv from Pune. Participants from India's technical institutes were also a part of this festival with students from  IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, Chhattisgarh & UP  for drone competitions.  

The highlight of Projections has always been Robotics, as the festival featured some of the most exciting Robot Brawls. In RoboWar, known as Hell in the Cell, the fest hosted both 15kg and 60kg categories. Projections also hosted Roborace, with famous teams, such as Team Electrons, RetChat & Megatrons. As a highlight of this festival, collaborations with Intel (AI and High-Performance Computing), Flutter (App development), JK cement (White-cement based products), TCS (Data Analytics), and HP, provided for the students several workshops, guest lectures, and associations designed to provide an exposure to the industry and the world of technology. “I attended the Intel Workshop on AI, High-Performance Computing, and Data Analytics, and it provided me with knowledge and information about the most important skills to develop in the Tech Industry,”  said Mr Krenil Kamleshbhai Patel, a second-year CSE student of PU. ​​