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Registrations for Physio Summit 2024

About Physio Summit 24"

Physio Summit 2024, a national level physiotherapy fest organized and hosted by Faculty of Physiotherapy at Parul University, is the university’s contribution to the ever-growing sector of physiotherapy. The fest aims to provide students with a platform to connect and grow their practical skills and compete in a competitive environment. With numerous competitions for students to test their skills all over - like case studies, model making, and interactive sessions with the biggest names in the world of Physiotherapy, PhysioSummit 2024 aims to provide students with excellence and draw inspiration from all nooks and corners of the physiotherapy world. 


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*To Know More About The Event Deatils, Rules & Regulations Please Read The Following:

1. Scientific Events 

A. Scientific Paper Presentation

Participants will get a chance to showcase their oratory and presentation skills in topics and research related to physiotherapy. The event is divided into two categories as follow: 

Category A

Category B

Junior Paper Presentation

Senior Paper Presentation

P.G. Students





Faculty Coordinator


Dr. Vrunda Gajjar



Faculty Coordinator


Dr. Chaitali Shah



Rules & Regulations:

  • Participants must register themselves for the paper presentation

  • Participants will get 7 minutes (5 mins+2 mins discussion) for their PPT presentation

  • Selection will be done based on topic, methodology, and statistical analysis

  • Last date of Abstract submission will be 25/12/2023

  • Abstract should not exceed 250 words in MS Word format and must include Background, Purpose of the Study, Methodology, Results, Conclusion and Key Words (maximum 5) with single spacing.

  • Participants must submit their paper abstracts through the given link: https://app.oxfordabstracts.com/stages/6956/submitter

  • No names (including participants and institutes) must be mentioned anywhere in the PowerPoint presentation

  • Judge's decision will be final and any indiscipline will result in disqualification

  • Scientific committees reserve the rights to take final decisions for any matter during the event

B. Poster Presentation

Poster presentation event offers a platform for the physiotherapy students and professionals to showcase their research for peer review and review their findings in front of the scientific community. The event is divided into two categories: 

Category A

Category B 

Junior Poster Presentation

Senior Poster Presentation 

BPT Students 

MPT Students/Physiotherapists 

Theme: Advances in Physiotherapy

Theme: Scientific Studies Related to Physiotherapy

Faculty Coordinator 


Dr. Rinkal Parmar 


Faculty Coordinator 


Dr. Advita Neville Deepak



Rules & Regulations: 

  • Participants must register themselves for the presentation event. One poster presentation can only have one or two participants.  

  • Last date of submission of Abstract will be December 25, 2023 

  • Participants will get 3 minutes for their poster presentation

  • No names must be mentioned on the poster 

  • Background of the poster must be white and the text should be clear and easy to read

  • Participants must register one hour before the event at the presentation venue

  • Judges’ decision will be final and any indiscipline regarding the same will result in disqualification

  • Scientific community holds the rights to take final decisions regarding all the matters during the event 

  • Participants must apply through the link: 

2. PhysioPlay Challenges Extravaganza at PhysioSummit 2024

A. Heads Up
A fast-paced game that will test the guessing power!

Participants have to guess words based on the given categories in a specified time limit, with a little fun twist in the regular word guessing game!

Rules and Regulations:


  • The players will be divided into 2 teams; one team will give out the clues and the other team will have to guess the word

  • All clues given must be verbal; gestures and charades are not allowed

  • The clue must not contain the word on the card or any derivative of it

  • Players cannot skip any word

  • Each correctly guessed word earns one point for the team

  • The time limit is based on the difficulty level of the round

  • If the word is not guessed in the time limit, no point will be awarded

  • There will be certain common words which will be restricted for being used for the clues

  • Judges’ decision will be final and any dispute regarding the same will result in disqualification

B. Case Study Challenge

Apply skills to real-world scenarios

The event offers a platform for participants to showcase their problem solving skills. Participants will be provided with a problem statement for which they need to propose a viable solution and demonstrate it in a professional manner.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Students can enroll in a team or compete individually

  • The contestants will be provided with a problem statement relevant to the industry or field study

  • The participants are required to analyze the problem statement, identify key issues and prepare a presentation outlining their analysis and proposed solution

  • The event will have multiple rounds, with elimination and advancement based on the participants’ performance

  • The participants will be judged based on criteria such as: Problem Analysis, Solution Creativity, Presentation Skills and their Skill Knowledge during the Q & A session.

  • Contestants must strictly adhere to the predetermined time limit for their presentation

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and if found, may result in disqualification 

  • Professional demeanor, including attire and behavior, is essential during the presentation

  • Judges’ decision will be final and any dispute regarding the same will lead to disqualification

C. Pose It

Get ready to strike-a-pose!

Participants will be given a set of poses and they will have to show their quickness and alertness in replicating as many poses as possible within the given time frame to score points. 

Rules and Regulations:

  • The teams will be created ensuring an equal number of participants in each team

  • The opposing team or referee will select a pose and show it to another team member for a brief glance who has replicated it for the other member

  • The cycle continues until the time period runs out

  • Verbal communication will not be allowed during the replication process

  • Poses must be replicated as accurately as possible

  • A referee will be present to ensure fair play and adherence to the rules

  • Each successfully replicated pose earns a point for the team and the team with the most points at the end of the time frame wins

  • Teams need to stay within the designated playing area during the course of the event

  • Judge’s decision will be final and any dispute regarding the same will lead to disqualification

D. Fitness Mania
Express your fitness mantra!

Fitness Mantra offers a platform to the participants to showcase their unique style of fitness and their mastery of the fitness postures. 

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each competitor will have 2-2.5 minutes to perform 8-10 postures of their choice 

  • Transitions between each posture should be slow, artistic and synchronized

  • Participants must maintain the pose for a minimum of 3-5 seconds. 

  • Competitors must adhere to the specific time limit; Exceeding the time limit may incur some penalties 

  • The participants are judged on the criteria of: Posture Mastery, Transition Quality, Overall Presentation, and Time Management

  • Judges’ decision will be final and any dispute regarding the same will result in disqualification

E. Who Knows the Physio
Quiz your skills out!

Participants get a chance to challenge themselves and their physio knowledge and showcase their knowledge of physiotherapeutic exercises and related questions to win points for the team. 

Rules and Regulations:

  • The enrolling team must have 3-5 members

  • A game coordinator will provide verbal instructions to the participants which will include physiotherapeutic exercises, yoga positions, or answering physio-related questions

  • No visual aids will be available for giving instructions

  • Participants must perform the instructed task within the specified time limit

  • Points are awarded based on the accuracy and correctness of the participants’ responses.

  • Participants will not be allowed to communicate with their teammates during the task

  • Incorrect answer or failure to perform will result in negative marking 

  • Judges’ decision will be final and any dispute regarding the same will result in disqualification