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PU’s students secure the first and third positions at the Escalade 11.0 at IIT Guwahati

Over the years, PU’s students have been continuously adding endless titles to the university by participating and outstanding in various events, hence student achievements have become a part of PU’s pride. Recently, the faculty of Mechatronics and robotics students participated in a national-level robotics event Escalade 11.0 which was held at the prestigious IIT Guwahati. The team presented remarkable presentations which landed them the 1st and 3rd positions alongside cash prizes. Escalade 11.0 is one of the most prominent and fastest-growing flagship robotics events presented by the robotics module of Techniniche. The event aims to assess the skills of participant teams in making, controlling, and testing robots under specific tasks. To ensure the best academic experience the students are equipped for such competitions through the support and guidance of expert teachers. Overmore, The university has also been providing the necessary practical exposure for the students to advance their skill sets and gain vital knowledge.