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PU's professors take innovation to the next level by publishing a patent for a Weed Extirpator

Weed is the most encountered problem by any farmer, gardener, or plant enthusiast. Weed is unwanted flora growing on land, taking up space and resources required to grow useful desired plants. Surely someone might have discovered a solution to the problem, a surefire way to get rid of all unwanted obstructions in the land that nurtures and feeds. PU’s very own exemplary professors, Pro. Om Prakash Shukla, Faculty of Engineering and technology, and Prof. Manshi Shah, Parul Polytechnic Institute, have developed their very own Weed Extirpator, and have published their patent for the same. PU has always encouraged, via the availability of any resource required, and exceptional faculty members, the members of the PU Family to innovate and create things that could help change the world for the better. PU is proud of its outstanding members and stands with them as they discover, innovate, and inspire.