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PU’s CSE Represents Gujarat In NNC Republic Day Camp 2021

This Vadodara based University has been preparing its students for careers beyond the scope of the industry, by nurturing and encouraging students to take up national service from their college days. In addition to the academics, Parul University’s students have been engaging with the National Cadet Corps on various levels and they have been excelling all throughout these initiatives. Cadet Cpl Dheeraj Singh, an NCC Cadet who is under NO.1 Air Squadron NCC and a third year student of Computer Science Engineering at Parul University, was chosen as Best Cadet in the Gujarat Directorate, and he was selected to be representative in the 2021 Republic Day Camp.


The Republic Day Camp is a highly esteemed annual parade which is held at the Garrison Parade Ground in New Delhi. For participation in this parade, notable NCC cadets are selected from across the States and Union Territories representing the rich diversities of India. Even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the students of Parul University have been continuing their training and active participation in various teaching and learning processes revolving around the armed forces and the NCC. The University, through its Armed Forces Motivational Cell has been continuously nurturing and encouraging the students to remain committed in their path towards national service. 


In order to qualify for this Camp, Dheeraj had to undergo a series of levels which were strategically designed to assess his competencies and skill sets in various aspects. The selection was conducted on various levels which include Unit level, which was held in Vadodara, followed by a Group Level with further subdivisions of  Pre RDC -1, Pre RDC-2 and Pre RDC-3, which were conducted in Ahmedabad. For all its students. Parul University has commissioned notable retired army personnel who are dedicated towards making the efforts to prepare the students for their participation in the various NCC related initiatives. 


“As a University our goal has not only been focusing on preparing students for their careers upon completing their studies, but we have also been ensuring that as they pursue their medical, legal, pharmaceutical studies, technical studies, they get to develop also within them a heart of national service. Having our students excelling on such prominent Statewide levels of the National Cadet Corps is by all means a moment of great pride for us, and I know we will have more students coming to display such an essence of patriotism”, said the University’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. N. Patel.