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PU's Annual Convocation 2020 Fulfils 4,448 Infinite Dreams

For every student who begins their academic career, the one day which makes all the difference in their academic journey is the convocation day. Parul University’s annual convocation for the class of 2020 was the best expression of the value and significance of education displayed in excellence which the University offers.

The nature of the 2020 convocation turned a cricket field into a glorious temple of knowledge, filled with an aura of adoration towards academic excellence and a unique reverence for the knowledge bestowed upon the 4,448 student graduates of Parul University. As the grand academic procession marched its way down the aisle, it brought with it two of the nation's most prominent personalities Tisca Chopra and Milind Soman, accompanied by the University’s president, Dr. Devanshu Patel who went on to declare the 4th Annual Convocation of Parul University open. This august gathering of over 6,500 guests, students and parents, created the ideal platform to mark the end of the academic journeys of students across the numerous Bachelors, Masters and Phd programs of the University. 

Adding the final spark to light ablaze the infinite dreams of the graduating class of 2020, Parul University’s 4th Convocation hosted the National Swimming Champion, Fitness Icon and Limca book of records holder Milind Soman, as the Chief Guest. While the two time film fare award winner, actress and TedX Speaker, Tisca Chopra graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. The University’s President, Dr. Devanshu Patel, Provost, Dr. M.N Patel, Registrar, Dr. H.S Vijaykumar, along with the esteemed members of the board of management, and governing body, were among the dignitaries who were giving the final hand to the graduates, as they made their transition, from the University, to life in the real world. 

Beyond conferring degree certificates to the students, this convocation acted as the ideal platform for sharing the light of wisdom and inspiration where the mixture of words, personality and life experiences captured the gathering in streams of bottomless motivation.

“What makes Parul University vibrant is not its campus, or its infrastructure, the vibrancy of Parul University is found within each and every student who is present here today for this 4th Convocation”, shared Parul University’s Provost Dr. M.N Patel during his welcome remarks.

As the darkness of the night drew near, the 4,448 student graduates of Parul University were only beginning to light up the day with their wondrous accomplishments across the multiple streams of engineering, applied sciences, commerce, arts, fine arts, library science, health administration, public health, vocational studies, pharmacy, physiotherapy, ayurved, homeopathy, nursing, architecture, agriculture, social work, design, law, computer applications, management and business administration. Amongst these students, the University also recognised 48 gold medalists for their outstanding record and display of academic excellence throughout their journey in Parul University.  

4,448 Graduates across 250 Diploma, Degree & Post Graduate Programs along with 48 Student Gold Medalists. 

The stage presence of India’s “Ironman" Milind Soman was not only captivating in sight to the gathering, but it was also enthralling and highly motivating in speech. In sharing his remarks Miland highlighted that “It is important for every student to know that true success is not defined by money or fame or status but the two main parameters of success are health and happiness. ”Everything which I have accomplished now until today is something which used to be normal and which should be normal for us all. Being physically and mentally fit is utilising the full capacity of our human potential”, he added.

“To all the graduating students of Parul University, I urge you that you should never let go of your passion, because passion will bring you joy and joy will bring out the best version of you” - Milind Soman

The commencement of the event also saw the recognition and honouring of 28 of the University’s alumni for their contribution and achievements in their various fields of work and in start-ups. These meritorious certificates were not only recognising the past students, but they also went to encourage the current graduating students towards a path of exceptional service in each and every field. Amongst the honoured alumni was Ms. Manasi Dalwani, a student from the 2016 batch who has made countless contributions working as a data strategist at one of the world’s leading tech-giants, Google.


Google Data Strategist alumna from 2016 batch along with 28 other students and Alumni of Parul University receive merit certificates during the Convocation.


“As I entered this place, the aura and atmosphere felt as if I was entering a temple” said film fare award winner Tisca Chopra as she addressed the gathering. “It has been a long time since academic institutions have felt like a temple where education is worshipped to me, I am glad to have found this in this Convocation” As she proceeded with her remarks Tisca urged each and every student of Parul University to strive to be a changemaker. She went on to highlight that she hoped through the education received at the University the students may change three key areas in the nation and the world which include, ensuring the wellness and sustainability of the environment, the need to find effective means of dispute resolution in the nation and the issue of gender equality.


To conclude the occasion, and give the student graduates their final lecture in Parul University, the University’s President, Dr. Devanshu J Patel served a perfect blend of humour and motivation, to hint on some of the key life tools every student required for their next life.