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PU takes gaming to the next level by becoming the first university to collaborate with Facebook Gaming & Trinity Gaming India.

Every week there is always something being cooked up on the PU campus from meeting some of the country’s famous faces to a range of educative activities. Recently the university hosted the first-ever Next level esports event in the state. The event was held in collaboration with Facebook  Gaming & Trinity Gaming India which aimed to provide students with better exposure and career pathways in the technical gaming world. The event also acted as a platform for the students to interact amongst themselves to exchange insight from their diverse fields.                                    

The students from various faculties participated and gained knowledge about careers such as Game Developer, Game Designer, Game Tester, Game Animator, Visual Artist, Audio Engineer, Interpreters, Translators, and Market Research Analyst. The event also provided the students with an opportunity to explore game streaming with renowned content creators. Through such edifying events, PU is dedicated to motivating its students to reach for great exploits during their academic journey as well as in their future careers.