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PU Receives a £65,000 Grant By The Royal Academy Of Engineering, UK for Research on Green Hydrogen Production and Advancing Sustainability

PU, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, has collaborated with various national and global institutes for groundbreaking research and innovation. To date, it has received a total funding of 25 Crores from various funding agencies through collaborations. In one such collaborative move, the university has commenced yet another project with a grant of £65,000, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK for its transformative project, “Advancing Green Hydrogen Production through Electrolysis: Optimization and Renewable Energy Integration.” This makes its forth project with this prominent organization.

This research project aims to revolutionize hydrogen production by using electrolysis and renewable energy, moving away from fossil fuel dependency. It is a collaborative effort with the University of Surrey, UK, and Linde Engineering India Private Limited that will greatly benefit and allow the students and staff members to effectively contribute towards the discovery of such sustainable solutions. This project’s interdisciplinary approach reflects a commitment to addressing sustainable energy challenges and the need to develop joint efforts in order to achieve this endeavor. Leveraging expertise from Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Applied Sciences, and Computer Science & Engineering, the various project partners are equipped to advance green technology innovations.n.

This project is set to have a significant impact in terms of sustainability, such as reducing carbon emissions by optimizing hydrogen production, advancing sustainable energy by promoting hydrogen as a clean energy source, supporting sustainable infrastructure, lessening fossil fuel reliance, stimulating economic growth and job creation in the renewable energy sector, and enhancing education and research, providing practical experience in advanced technologies and interdisciplinary learning for future sustainability leaders.

PU through its multiple research initiates has developed an ecosystem of collaborations around which have resulted in the development of innovative solutions in crucial thrust areas such as sustainable development and will continue making such efforts by collaborating with global partners and organizations.