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PU Projections Rocks The Campus With Top Student Innovations

With an agenda of promoting the make in India campaign, for enhancing and developing the Indian scope of rural development through innovation, the city based Parul University commenced its annual technology festival Projections. Projections PU’s annual technology festival comprises a contingent of students, from vast technical fields within the State, for displaying their essense of innovation and innovative creativity. Commencing from the 29th of February to the 1st of March, the 3 day festival will create a challenging platform for the budding engineering and computer science students of the University. Featuring a unique blend co curricular and curricular activities, all designed to challenge both the physical along with the mental faculties of the students.

The make in India Campaign has played a major role in influencing the national economy, along with the industrial practises. Extending from its economic impact, it has also gone a long way in impacting the scope of higher education, where institutions like Parul University have been continuously upholding the value and importance of practical skills, not only for the benefit of the students but also for the benefit of the rural societies. Acting in line to this impact, Projections 2019 seeks to further the Make in India agenda, for enhancing the rural societies, through innovative technology, thus the year’s festivities will go a long by encouraging to make creative technology which will be of utility for the underprivileged within the societies.


Basing on its past success, the festival has been of great influence amongst the students of PU, with a constant increase in student participation from 4000 in the year 2017 to 6000 participants in the year 2018, and this year has not been an exception to this increase as more than 8000 students will be taking part in the festivities. The students will get the chance to learn from some of the most enlightening seminars and workshops on various fields such as robotics and artificial intelligence, also to note is how some of the technological inventions the students will be crafting will go a long way in being of utility to the society. In a bid to create fun in learning projections also features a unique blend of physical and mentally challenging games ranging from robotic battles, hackathons, paintball, IPL auction, along with a complimentary DJ night for the students of PU featuring one of India’s leading Dj Nuclear.   


The proceeds which Projections have made over the past times have been used in various social social based initiatives such as the contribution made in 2018 to the Kerala floods along with other developmental causes for the society members in the surrounding villages. “As a University our main goal is to ensure that our students do not only development personal but their personal development may result in the development of the nation as a whole, it is by all means a moment of pride to see our students taking an active part in the promotion of the “Make In India Campaign” PU President, Dr. Devanshu J Patel.