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PU Organizes TechExpo 2023 to Provide the Next Gen a Ground to Accelerate Sustainable Change with Over 300 Innovative Projects on Display  

 Vadodara-based PU has emerged as a pioneer of platforms that inspire the youth to grow with the confidence to create ideas that will contribute to the advancement of the country. Recently, the university organized a two-day Tech Expo which gathered a large number of students and renowned figures from tech giants. The event brought together diploma and degree students from various fields such as Engineering, Applied Sciences, Computer Application and Agriculture to provide them with a platform to display their innovative ideas. This year's event exhibited over 300 projects in the form of models and posters designed by the students. Tech Expo is one of the biggest tech events hosted by the university. The platform enables students to interact and gain expert advice from the guests to improve and build on their ideas. The ideas ranged from the Stair Climbing Trolley, Model of Mars Roger to the Magnus Effect On Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

Stalls were allocated to the teams displaying their projects. The teams with the most outstanding project were awarded with prizes.  Some of the projects that were displayed include the Arduino Based Scara Robot. The project aims to operate in the field of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The SCARA robot will be used for packaging of different medicines from different compartments. Furthermore, for a closed loop system, image processing will be used for sorting of medicine and with that manpower can be reduced. 

The Construction And Working Of Smoke Visualization Wind Tunnel aims to flow over an air body. The tunnels are used to copy the actions of an object in flight. Smoke flow visualization is a technique used to capture the instantaneous streamline formation off the surface of the wind tunnel model. The streamlines clearly indicated the flow features like flow separation, reattachment and recirculation region. 

The Paralysis Patient Monitoring System project has been developed with an aim to assist paralyzed patients who cannot convey their needs efficiently. The team proposed a system that helps disabled people in displaying a message over the LCD by just a simple motion of any part of the body that has motion abilities, such as the fingers. The proposed system works by reading different bending of the fingers to convey a programmed message to the respective caregiver.

The Nanocomposite Fertilizer and IoT-based Irrigation System has been developed to create sensors and a smart nutrient delivery system for minimizing the input costs while enhancing farm productivity along with an economical nanocomposite fertilizer.

The Autonomous Wheelchair based approach is interfaced with an embedded technology and a biomedical device to help disabled people - who have trouble with motor functions and walking as a result of illness, injury, or any other severe medical problems - move independently. 

The horizontal axis wind turbine operates as a vertical axis wind turbine, the rotation directions of the cylindrical rotor on the windward side and the leeward side must be opposite, so that the torques will not cancel each other out, so as to drive the wind turbine.

Low Cost Mini Tractor For Intercultural Operations is developed for intercultural operation in the concern of the economic condition of small and marginal farmers. This low cost mini tractor is powered by an internal combustion engine having about 598 cc and 7.5hp with 3600 rpm and it is transmitted through a shaft to a gearbox giving output speed 10-15 km/h with a 68.5% weeding efficiency. 

The possibility of a sustainable future is guaranteed by institutions such as PU, which is constantly empowering the youth to work towards creating new solutions for current and emerging challenges of a modern world.