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PU organizes Health Camps for the Elderly in Maldheli Village on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Raising awareness is not just about illuminating an issue in society however it involves the substance which  comes with changing lives and making a difference. India is the second country after China that homes the largest percentage of older adults with 84.9 million above 65 in the world. In the effort of bettering the living conditions of the elderly and helping them to feel more engaged in the society, PU’s Social Responsive Cell organized a health check-up camp for the elderly groups dwelling in Maldheli village.

The 15th of June is the World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) and it marks a day where the world joins hands together to voice out its opposition against the suffering and mistreatment of the elderly. From the day it was officially recognized by the United Nations in December 2011, people from different countries are now more conscious of the existence of this social challenge and on this day Parul University reached out to the communities to take the necessary steps of creating a healthy, harmonious and sustainable community for the elderly.

PU’s health camp served as an outreach aimed towards bringing healthcare to the doorsteps of the senior citizens in the Maldheli community. With the understanding of the diverse health challenges which they face, the University’s medical colleges together with Parul Sevashram Hospital, joined hands with the Social Responsive Cell, to make this day a success. The health and wellbeing of the elderly should be society’s primary concern in view of the fact that it is a moral duty to protect them due to the many vulnerabilities and challenges which they face. Additionally, Aadhar cards were also provided to them to ensure more community engagement and so that they can be able to access various government schemes tailor made for their welfare.

It is of great essence that society shows and treats the elderly with humanity since they are a preservation of wisdom and they are teachers of the younger generations. Simultaneously, a better change relies on children and teenagers being taught to respect and appreciate the elderly from a young age. PU is committed to bringing change towards creating a society that esteem and cherish the lives of the elderly and will be birthing more initiatives to offer assistance to them and give them more engagements.

“An elderly person at home is like a living golden treasure” - A Chinese saying