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PU named among Sustainable Institutions of India with a Grade A++ due to its Eco-Friendly Practices

For the past decades, sustainable development has been one of India's main priorities, the government fostering efforts to combat climate change. This vision is shared by Vadodara-based PU, which has received a Grade A++ and ranked among the Sustainable Institutions of India. The university was recognised for its ongoing efforts to provide a global and holistic education in a healthier environment, in addition the campus has been ranked as a sustainable institution of India in the platinum band.

Sustainable higher education is defined as an institution that creates, delivers, and captures value for all stakeholders while not depleting the natural, economic, and social capital on which it is based. The three pillars of sustainability, 'Environment (Planet), Social (People), and Economic (Profit),' form the foundation of R. World Institutional Ranking, which assumes responsibility for raising awareness of and supporting Sustainable Institutions. PU's campus is surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna, it encompasses hundreds of trees, plants, and beautiful flowers. The campus has zero-emission vehicles and is constantly reminding its members to conserve natural resources such as water and electricity, effective waste segregation for recycling, renewable energy sources among other solutions. "To combat climate change issues, we must begin in our day to day lives, thus, we will continue to raise a generation that is not only skilled but also responsible for the environment's well-being," said Dr. Falguni Acharya, Director,IQAC, PU.