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PU is everywhere you go, PU's Aviation Alumna meets with PU's president and PU's brand ambassador Janki Bodiwala

PU is truly More than a campus it has become a home where infinite dreams are fulfilled. PU's name continues to shine evermore having its alumni spread across diverse careers in the industry. Recently, the university's president Dr Devanshu Patel met Riddhi Solanki, a proud alumna of the University, who was thrilled to meet with one of the role models of her Alma Mater. Having Aviation education amongst the non-conventional but growing fields the university has been dedicated to inspire this career amongst the youth. In addition to these efforts aviation courses were introduced which include a 75% exposure to practical learning.

Ms. Janki Bodiwala, the university's brand ambassador, was part of the reunion, which provided an opportunity to celebrate Riddhi's accomplishments. The university continues to have an impact on the lives of young people by providing the best academic experience for its students. The holistic approach to education provides students with 360-degree nurturing from a team of highly skillful professionals. Overmore, the success of Parul University alumni attests to the excellent education they received at the university.