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PU Is All Set To Lift Off The Career Dreams Of India’s Aviation Aspirants In Its Newly Inaugurated World-Class Aviation Institute.


To provide the much needed support and boost to the aviation industry not only in India but across the world, PU has set up the most quintessential Aviation institute, equipped with state of the art resources and facilities to act as the ideal runway for lifting off the careers of countless aviation aspirants nationwide. In addition to its numerous industry and solution centric programs, the University recently inaugurated a world class aviation institute with its foundational student batch ready to experience the transformative power of aviation education. Leading the students as they navigate their path towards the field are two former aviation experts, whose real time experiences and expertise has prepared the most effective standard of teaching and learning for the students. The institute is set for running programs strategically designed for training flight attendants, cabin crew members, grooming and hospitality experts and the ground staff.

As a way of catering to the contemporary needs of the industry, the aviation institute has strategically designed two comprehensive aviation programs, a Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management and a Bachelors of Aviation, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management. In consultation with the leading industry trends and experts, the aviation programs’ curriculum has been strategically designed to provide the students with an enriching exposure to the most in demand skills and competencies which are required in the industry. What sets PU’s aviation programs apart is not only their real time job market relevance, but also the theoretical and practical learning framework developed by the University which puts emphasis on 25% theoretical learning and 75% practical training. This unique composition is inspired by the need to provide a quality human resource, with the effective training and competencies to provide the highest level of passenger care, safety and security in the transit process.

In catering to this need for quality hands-on training, PU’s Aviation institute has been fully equipped with state of the art facilities and learning resources for the students’ practical development. A major highlight to the Institute is its uniquely designed mock aircraft cabin which gives the students an on-board experience during the course of their studies. The aircraft has followed the pattern and design of a passenger aircraft so as to provide the future flight attendants, with a simulation of the real-time on the flight experience. In the mock aircraft, students get to learn the various on-board processes such as ticketing, passenger servicing, on the flight protocols and safety security procedures. The aircraft has not only been designed to enhance the practical skills of the students, but it will also ensure the comprehensive development of the students in regards to their passenger interaction, and the essential mannerisms and etiquettes required aboard an aircraft.


In addition, the institute also features a dedicated reception area from which the students get to practise the various procedures of passenger reception, ticketing and passport checking, among other terminal procedures. The institute has also put in place a reserved conference room which serves the purpose of developing the necessary corporate and presentation skills of the students. “The field of aviation not only involves the passenger and aircraft related areas, but it also focuses on the professional development of the students to become highly confident and capable professionals, who can contribute to the scope of the entire industry. This is our main goal at the Institute of Aviation Management, to not only teach the students, but to also nurture them into an elite class workforce and this is only achieved by an elite institute.” said the University’s Aviation Institute Director, Mr. Anand Gill.

To further ensure the overall development of the students, grooming has been made one of the main components of the aviation learning experience at PU. For this reason, the institute has been equipped with a high class grooming room with well lit fixtures, make-up kits, dressers and grooming spaces which will allow the students to learn the necessary skills for enhancing the individual’s presentation, mannerisms and appearance. Food and beverages also make up a very significant part of the passenger itinerary, and the entire on-board experience. For this reason, this newly inaugurated Aviation Institute also features a bakery, a restaurant, and a fully equipped demo kitchen with essential kitchen utensils, kitchenware and utilities in the form of ovens, stoves and microwaves amongst others all blended in a modern modular design. Through such facilities, the students will get to learn the fundamentals of hospitality to provide the finest passenger centred service and hospitality.

Beyond the institutes’ facilities, the aviation teaching and learning process at PU will go on to equip the students with complementary lessons which include fundamental life saving skills, firefighting abilities, swimming amongst others. With its first batch of students already fastening their seat belts, the university’s Institute of Aviation is all set to lift off the career dreams of all the budding aviation aspirants. “ As Parul University our constant pursuit for excellence in the field of higher education is what has landed us at this Aviation Institute. A world class learning centre, designed not only to teach the students but also to transform them into the most effective quality human resources who are able to supplement and develop the scope of the aviation industry. We surely look forward to shaping the future of aviation, not only for India but for the world at large”, said the University’s President, Dr. Devanshu J Patel.