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Parul University’s students are Ready To Rumble!

The Computer Department, Parul Polytechnic Institute in association with Technical Events Cell, Parul University, organized a ”Ready to Rumble" competition. The event was graced by a number of dignitaries, including Provost, Parul University, Dr. M.N.Patel, Dr. Vipul Vekariya, Dr. Jatin Vaidya, Prof. Om Prakash Shukla, Prof. Manshi Shah, Prof. Poonam Faldu. A total of 178 participants participated in the competition. The event was held off-line and it consisted of two rounds.


In the initial round, students were asked questions about programming languages, which assist them in understanding the fundamentals of programming as well as time management while using an online platform. In the second round students who successfully completed round one were chosen to participate in the technical treasure hunt. Various hints were given to the students to help them solve the mysteries. This round encouraged leadership, communication, and interaction while also allowing students to learn while having fun.