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Parul University Becomes the Only Institute in Western India to Be a Part of The National Taskforce on an INDIA-EMS Research Project on Emergency Medicine with 4.7 Cr Funding From ICMR

Researchers of Parul University have been making significant contributions to the health and welfare of communities by advancing their medical science research efforts. In alignment with the State and National objectives for furthering medical excellence and improved quality measures, Parul Institute of Medical Sciences and Research was named among the top 5 national task forces on "Developing a High Quality Patient Centric Integrated Model for Emergency care Systems in selected districts of India". This highly significant project has a funding grant of 4.7 Crores from the Indian Council for Medical Research ICMR, and has positioned Parul University as the only institution in the western area to be a part of this high-priority national task force project.

The INDIA-EMS project is an implementation research funded by the ICMR is an initiative that is committed towards improving the emergency medical system in india. The prime objective of the project is to revolutionize and set effective and achievable benchmarks in global healthcare. To develop a much wider insight, the scope of the project includes emergency conditions such as stroke, MI, Trauma, snake bite and poisoning, burns and neonatal and maternal care. To further the impact of this investigation, the various districts of India have been included in the project which include Ludhiana, Vidisha, Puri, Punducherry and Vadodara, where Parul University will be one of the national task force institutes. for the whole western region of India.

As time plays a crucial role in the emergency department this project aims to reduce the time barrier by implementing better interventions needed. The other objective is to bring all the healthcare professionals and hospitals together including state officials to have a better functional healthcare system and this will help India establish a benchmark in the field of medicine. To further advance this project, Parul University has put together a multidisciplinary team of investigators including Dr. Shreyas Patel as Principal Investigator, Dr. Hemantkumar Patadia, as Joint Principal investigator, and co-Investigators including Dr. Amit P. Ganatra, Dr A K Saxena, Dr. Shaily Surti, Asst Prof Ankita Priyadarshini and Asst Prof Prachi Patel. Additionally as part of this team of research experts as co-investigators and state officials is Dr Minaxi Chauhan (CDHO, Vadodara) and Dr Prakash K Suthar (Nodal officer - NCD division, Govt of Gujarat).

Parul University's robust research policy has allowed the University to continue making such notable impacts in the field of research, contributing both to the academic knowledge bank as well as toward the discovery of novel solutions that enhance the welfare of communities.