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Making Mental Health & Well-Being a Global priority

In order to attain the same, each one of us holds a responsibility to

1. Make mental health an individual priority.

This means that before we move towards the whole globe, we as individuals have the sole responsibility of making mental health our personal priority. Only when it becomes a priority for each one of us, can it become a priority for everyone of us. 

2. Talk about it without any stigma or barriers.

Having open and transparent conversations about mental health without any stigma or discrimination is also of great importance. Once we normalise talking about mental health, we begin to open our minds and our understanding to the possibilities of finding effective solutions, to the many mental health challenges. 

3. Understand that mental health and well being deeply influences our physical, emotional, social health and overall living.

We do not live in isolation, every part is interconnected, especially our mental health and well-being. In other words, the health of your mind, impact the way you live across all the areas of your life, be it social, emotional, or physical health. 

4. Try to extend 100% support to friends, family, relatives who are in need of mental health support.

Everything and anything is possible if we come together, and support one another. The case is not any different for mental health as well. We need to always lend a hand of support and care to all our loved ones and everyone around us who might be facing mental health challenges, this is how we can successfully rise above all the mental health related challenges.

5. Be connected to the people who can understand you and be with you whenever you need them.

In today’s world of extreme digitization, where we are networked with thousands of people through social media, understanding the importance of being connected with the few individuals who truly understand us is of great importance. We need to always keep a circle of people whom we can form genuine connections with, and are always with us whenever we need them. 

6. Try to keep ourselves away from the substances which have a deeply disastrous impact on our mental health.

They say what surrounds you, is who you are, with this I’d like to remind you to ensure that you keep your surroundings clean and clear from substances which have a disastrous impact on our minds. Practising healthy habits can allow us to keep our minds and our lives healthy. 

7. Try to acertain ways and methodologies by which we can strike a balance in our lives.

With so much going on all around us, in so many areas of our lives, having the right balance is of great importance. A balance of work-life, social media- physical connections, ambition- relaxation, Fame n following - Love n belonging , Fun n enjoyement - health, fitness n holistic living is greatly needed. 

With this I truly hope we can do our part to keep our minds healthy, and our lives wealthy.