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Kidney disease patients get a sigh of relief as CRRT therapy started in Vadodara at Parul Sevashram Hospital.

The burden of chronic kidney disease and end stage kidney disease has been growing in India. Due to the absence of a renal registry, the exact prevalence is difficult to estimate, but data shows around 800 per million population suffer from kidney diseases. To curb this challenge, haemodialysis has been the most common modality of treatment for people whose kidneys are failing. As a way of mitigating this challenge, Parul Sevashram Hospital at its dialysis centre (jointly managed by Nephroplus) recently commenced a Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) which is a 24-hour non-stop dialysis therapy used to support patients with renal (kidney) failure. The success of this newly initiated treatment resulted in the effective treatment of two patients in the past months who were diagnosed with kidney failure. 

“Earlier, most of the patients in need of CRRT therapy were referred to Ahmedabad for further treatment, however these trends have changed as from the past month alone, Parul Sevashram Hospital successfully managed two patients with the help of CRRT,” said PSH’s Nephrologist Dr Hardik Gajera. One of them was a 70 year old patient suffering from renal failure with sepsis, this patient improved with one cycle of CRRT. Another young patient aged 45 years who was suffering from renal failure complicated by liver cirrhosis on multiple inotropes was also successfully managed with one cycle of CRRT in this hospital, added Dr Soham Gohil, a Nephrologist at PSH. 

The medical experts of this Hospital who recommend this treatment also highlighted some of its main advantages which include greater haemodynamic stability, avoidance of rapid fluid and electrolyte shift, nutrition without restriction, adaptation to the needs of the critically ill and the use of more biocompatible membranes. The hospital has put in place highly experienced nephrologists, dialysis technicians who are dedicated to deliver apt treatment to patients. “We have always worked with a vision to provide a comprehensive cover of services to patients in a way that they need not travel outside Vadodara and Gujarat for unavailability or non-affordability of any medical services, '' said the Hospital’s Medical Director, Dr Geetika Patel. “This service has been started at the hospital at half the cost in which it is offered at other hospitals outside Vadodara. We have one of the largest Dialysis centres in the city and recently we have also received permission for the Kidney Transplant surgeries from the State Government,” she added.