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IPS Anil Pratham visits the PU campus on Women Equality Day

In the past times, gender equality has always been a pressing issue challenging society however in this present dispensation the world is witnessing a swift turnaround. Both men and women have been uniting and standing up to inculcate women's equality. On the celebration of women equality day PU joined to raise awareness by inviting an esteemed guest IPS Anil Pratham GP, Gujarat. During his visit, he went forth to address PU students on the importance of women’s equality in all spheres of life. PU is dedicated to ensuring equality amongst its students and members hence ongoing activities are organized to empower women and create a harmonious atmosphere. The event aimed to create a lasting impact on the students, to ensure that they will impart these lessons to the community. In Addition, an interactive session was organized which allowed to ask questions and gain more insight. “She has worked for it and she deserves it - Parity. Equality. Uniformity" said IPS Anil Pratham.