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Faculty Of Homoeopathy organises OmniBus Materia Medica

In times like these, when the entire world faces severe health predicaments, we need skilled doctors and medical personnel that are competent and updated with the most recent developments in medicine to help the world heal better and faster. The Faculty of Homoeopathy, in association with the Technical Events Cell, Parul University, organised an Omnibus Materia Medica on Friday, 21st January 2022, to address this same agenda.

The jury included prominent members of the medical community such as Dr. Nisha Shah, Dr. Siddharth Saurabh, Dr. Komal Pate, Dr. Devangi Pandya, Dr Jagruti Patel, and Dr. Shilpi Agrawal. The “Omnibus Materia Medica" event provided a platform to the students not only to enhance their presentation skills and time management but also to help in learning more about how to communicate better in all areas of life. The Quiz and Presentation on different medicines of Homoeopathic Materia Medica helped everyone attain an easy comprehension of different Medicines.