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Ensuring regular oxygen supply by Installing a 20 000 litre Oxygen Tank 

All throughout India, there have been endless cases of shortages in oxygen supply, which have been furthering the impacts of COVID-19. Upon taking note of this challenge, Parul University’s Parul Sevashram Hospital enhanced its oxygen capacity by installing a 20 000 liter oxygen tank. The purpose behind this investment was to ensure a constant and regular supply of oxygen to all the COVID patients without any form of disruptions or interruptions. Through this initiative the hospital has been able to effectively deliver oxygen supply to the over 500 beds which have been dedicated to COVID-19 treatment. 

The Hospital, through such facilities has been making every effort necessary to ensure the availabity of effective medical support to the people within the rural and urban communities amidst vast scarcities of oxygen. The Hospital has managed to successfully ensure the well being of over 3 000 COVID patients throughout the pandemic and continues to be dedicated to make that happen.