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Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Advocate N Venkataraman and Honorable CJ Yatindra Singh Among the Luminaries Who Spoke During PU’s Law Festival.

India is amongst the countries across the globe who have carried a history long success in its legal system consisting of a constitution which has uplifted the true essence of democracy. With this exemplary democratic legacy, PU’s institute of Law in association with the I.I.M.U.N organised “Samvidhan Pe Charcha” a two day law festival to expose its students to the true dynamics of the legal fraternity, public administration and political affairs.

The festival featured some of the most renowned figures who have dedicated their lives to serve the nation through legal service, judicial activism, policy, development and societal contributions. Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a distinguished political personality together with  Honourable Yatindra Singh former Chief Justice High Court of Chhattisgarh and advocate N Venkataraman additional solicitor general Supreme Court of India were among the key eminent speakers of the festival who took the podium to inspire the young generation of advocates and lawmakers. 

Moving in line with a theme that celebrates the constitutional ideals of India, the festival featured talk sessions and panel discussions on topics focusing on various pressing matters of democratic significance. One of the major highlights of the competition was an interactive session where the students interacted with the guests. Dr. Subramanian Swamy shared great insights on  the theme “India as a Hindu Rashtra within the framework of Secularism” which challenged the thought process of the students and refined their knowledge. Dr. Subramanian Swamy, is a distinguished senior politician, economist, statistician, educator and the national president of the Virat Hindustan Sangam, an organisation committed towards the education of youngsters on the essence of India’s culture and heritage. Dr Swamy has also made a significant contribution in regards to judicial activism and legal reforms in the country, through petitions and public interest litigation on matters resulting in notable reforms. 

Speaking with the students of the law Dr Swamy said, “When i first started going to school, college etc,at that time we all thought of joining the army, and when i was in college we thought of working in a company, there was a time where everyone wanted to be an engineering, then into It and softwares, and i am telling you that after the next 10 years the most important field which people will be taking is law. The society has become so complex, we need very intelligent people in law.” As part of the topic “Our constitution is based on Hindutva and Hindu principles”, “We don't have to do a demonstration saying Hindu India, it's already Hindu India, at least improve yourself, learn Sanskrit, and wear indian clothes at least starting on Sunday, these ties and shirts makes you look like butlers, I am not saying rush into things but slowly take a few steps, not by hooliganism of knocking on people's doors but through science, through knowledge, practices share these things, look at the growth of yoga and ayurved today.” He went on to speak on the value and honour that should be given to women as he noted “your attitude for women should be based on sanskrit and hindu principles where we respect and worship women”

Continuing the agenda of the day, Chief Justice Yatindra Singh who is a unique pillar of knowledge and wisdom in the field of law took the students through a journey of knowledge giving light on the theme “ Road to Advocacy: Empowering Justice through Legal Expertise and Advocacy Skills”. He is an inspiring icon, a transformative leader, and a trailblazing legal personality who has made a significant amount of contributions in the legal community. During his career in the legal profession, he has also served as an Additional Advocate General of Allahabad Court and as a permanent judge of the Allahabad High Court; later on taking the oath as the Chief Justice of High Court of Chhattisgarh. In his address to the young minds of the University, he mentioned that “ you should adopt the new and modern technology. That’s where the progress is. If you don’t adopt new technology, you stay behind your peers and you stay behind the society, whatever you do, do everything with your heart. Failures will be there, sure but success will always follow.” As he further urged the law students, he went on to state that 'the study of law is such a study which offers you the options to become whatever you want to in this life.’

Additionally, another one of the speakers included Shri. N. Venkataraman, who is a pillar of faith and passion in the legal profession, he is a distinct legal luminary, senior advocate and one of the most sought after councils through his unique expertise in Taxation and Commercial Law. He currently sits as the Additional Solicitor General of India in the Supreme Court. Shri. N. Venkataraman spoke on the topic “Directive Principles of State Policy: India at 2024”. During his interaction with the students he mentioned that “It is very important that we connect with the youth of India, the kind of education, I am stunned with the children who have so much courage and so much confidence and who have grown up with an Indianised value system”. He added “I say this with all the love, with all these strengths the possible downside is that you don't read history, if you are able to factor history and experiences of the people who have been in the past before, and combine it with your modern knowledge you will truly be successful”. Furthermore he went on to share regarding the efforts of India in achieving corporate federalism, and highlighted that “GST is an invention which buffles every democratic power in the world, it is the one law that has integrated all the Union and States in one council, it is a historic feat achieved in 2017”. He further urged the future lawyers on constitutional understanding as he said “when you deal with a constitutional issue, you have to do it with a larger responsibility, with some forethought otherwise you will be laying down a wrong path for the future and that responsibility we carry everyday.”

These sessions and discussions provided the university’s law students with the most essential practical legal skills in preparation of careers in the legal field. Parul Institute of Law has been committed towards providing the students with the most leading exposure to legal education through effective training and exposure to legal resources. The Institute plays the vital role of shaping the future of abled, critically thinking, analytically empowered and enlightened legal human resources who can contribute towards the national and international legal fraternity.