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CABCIN : The International Conference on the ‘Professional Development of Instructors in Higher Education and Training Institutions’

The International Conference on the ‘Professional Development of Instructors in Higher
Education and Training Institutions’ commenced on the 12th of December proved
successful in portray Indian Education on an European Union funded platform. IPDIH is a
two day conference held at PU  and collectively
organised under the joint efforts of the host University along with other five Indian
partner Universities, all falling under the CABCIN project. CABCIN is a European Union
funded project under the Erasmus+ provision, designed to act as a platform for
establishing capacity building centers .

The conference proved a success in displaying the epitome of Internationalisation, a
platform of rich and diversified views from educationalists from various parts of the
world. The breadth of participation was comprising representatives from Cyprus, Poland,
Portugal, Slovakia, Germany, along with Asian participants from India and Bhutan. The
diversified group allowed for a developmental sharing of minds amongst experts and
educationalists from various of the world.

As areas of concern, the expert speakers covered topics such as approaches and tools of
teaching with technology, soft skill development, assessment and learning techniques
along with curricula designing. The topics which the members of the international
delegation were presenting served the purpose of providing an insightful view on ways
to establish and further enhance the capacity of Higher educational institutions of India.
The participants expressed a deep appreciation of the knowledge, skills and techniques

To commence the conference, the European Union Ambassador to South Asia, gave
shared his graceful remarks with the gathering. Expressing his appreciation for CABCIN,
he highlighted the need the need for Asia and India in particular, to be in constant touch
with Europe, and higher educational institutions should always partnering for such
initiatives. “Parul University has been always committed towards enhancing the quality
of education offered students, and one of these strategies includes building a strong tie
ups with international communities such as the EU as a way to keep constantly stay
updated, said the Parul University President Dr Devanshu Patel during a press conference
held at the University.