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A True & Har Ghar Tiranga” Moment As PU Joins with the Whole Nation to Commemorate India’s 75 Years of Independence

With the rising sun accompanying the glorious tri-colour flag up in the sky during the morning of PU flag hoisting ceremony, marking the commencement of the 76th Independence Day celebrations, the University’s campus was filled with the true essence of “Har Ghar Tiranga”. This year’s commemorations were marked by thousands of students and staff members of the University who joined this Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiative, by hoisting flags across all the University’s
buildings and providing the students with the platform to express their pride for India. To officiate the flag hoisting ceremony, the University had the honour of hosting Major General Yash Mor, the first general commanding officer, Ladakh, UN Peacekeeper, CEO - Save the Himalayas as the Chief Guest. The events were followed by a series of cultural programs along with a IIMUN’s Leadership Series with the chief guest, who gracefully narrated the past and future significance of India’s independence.

Major General Yash Mor, a Sena Medal awardee, whose years of sacrifice and service to the nation have inspired many of the young generations across the nation. He rendered his service both home and abroad in the counter-terrorist operations in South Kashmir, where he was received the army Chief Commendation Card along with the Sena Medal for his gallantry and he also went on to serve as a UN Peacekeeper in Mozambique between 1993 to 1994. As a third-generation army officer, Major General Mor has made it his lifetime commitment to educate and inspire younger generations as an UnAcademy Educator and the CEO of Save the Himalayas an NGO dedicated towards preserving the fragile ecology of the Himalayan region. "All of us are soldiers - Jobhi kam karo maan lagake karo every citizen is responsible for nation and everyone is contributing one way or the other”, said Major General Yash Mor during his remarks.

“We have to ensure to that we pull poor people forward so that not only the rich people will have opportunities, everyone has to be treated equally” added General Mor. In line with celebrating the essence of national pride under the “Har Ghar Tiranga” and “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” efforts, the University also took this day to commend the efforts of the many students and staff members who commenced their celebrations prior to the 15th. Initiatives such as the placing of the tricolour across all of the University’s buildings and the giving of Salami were joyously organised. Beyond the University’s campus, the students and staff members also went on to unfurl the national flag at their homes to express their solidarity and unity with both the University and the nation through this PM Narendra Modi initiative. In addition to this, the University’s NCC cadets also went on to organise various awareness drives in the nearby villages such as Madheli, where they educated the rural community about significance of “Har Ghar Tiranga” along with a campus wide rally by the students and faculties.

During the University’s celebrations, the students made a mesmerising display of their creativity and talent through drama, dance, music and other art forms to showcase and narrate the struggle of independence and to celebrate the essence of India’s unique and enriching unity. To mark the end of the celebrations, the students had the opportunity of interacting with Major General Yash Mor, as a part of the IIMUN’s leadership Series. “As a University it is truly a matter of great pride and privilege that we get to unite together and celebrate the value of our nation India, and I am truly grateful to all our students and faculties
who embraced “Har Ghar Tiranga” and I believe it is this national pride that will allow us to lead our nation a step further into the future”, said the University’s Vice President, Dr. Parul Patel.