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Design is an alliance between creativity and technology, which come together to create the most impressive design trends which shape the lifestyles of the people and define cultures.

The Faculty of Design offers a unique blend of bachelor's degree programs which seek to impart to the students the relevant and practical aspects relating to design and related fields.

The program is uniquely customized to suit the creative elements of every student as a way of bringing out the creative and innovative design essence within them. The Faculty is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and design studios that go on to shape the practical skills of the students, thus developing within them an apt understanding of the industrial practices during the course of their program.

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We Have A Unique Design Curriculum

The curriculum is shaped to develop students within the areas of everything related to design as a field in general. The University has on boarded a panel of experts and prominent personalities from the industry.

Based on Latest Trends

Practical Learning Resources

Shaped By Expert Advisors

We Have The Right Activity For Your Creativity

Our blend of enriching design events and activities allows you to explore your creativity and learn the fundamentals of designing.

We Have Programs Shaped by Expert Advisors

Our programs are designed with the help of experts from across the globe who have shaped the design industry

Global Creative Designers

Expert designers from all over the world

Design Academia Experts

Advisors from NIDs, NIFTs, and other top institutes

Creative Industry Experts

Exposure to experts across multiple industries

We Have Designers Who Have Made It


(B. Design Product Design)
- Torrecid India Pvt. Ltd.

Kinjal Poppat

(B. Design Fashion Design Technology)
- Lohana lifestyle


(B. Design Visual Communication)
Graphic Designer
- Design Brewery
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