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Product design is concerned with designing a product that meets the needs of consumers and revamps their quality of life. The Faculty of Design offers a 3-year diploma program in Product Design which seeks to impart to the students the creative presentation and techniques vital to crafting various design models digitally. The curriculum is strategically designed to expose students to some of the elements of this field which relate to the various product ranges in the market. The faculty is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for practical training, such as computer laboratories and design studios which allow the students to enhance and develop their practical skills and effective skill sets.

The program develops within the student's unique understanding of the systematic process of sketching, strategy, analysis, research, and prototyping of the products to find the best forms of presentation. With the emergence of 3D printing technology, there has been a demand for product designers who can visually present and graphically develop various products.

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Why Should You Choose Product Design?

  • In recent years, there has been an upsurge in demand for product designers in India along with a good diploma in product design course. Designing a product requires the development of imagination and a distinctive point of view. Designers may be found in practically every business and help create unique products that strive to solve the user's concerns.
  • Depending on your organization's requirements and preferences, you must develop the product with the end users in mind. Product design is a discipline that combines art, commerce, and engineering. At the same time, as you're creating new thoughts, you're thinking about how to promote those concepts inside the design.
  • You combine aesthetic preferences, usefulness, and budgetary concerns in ways few other careers allow. Product design adds to a skill set that can make you useful in a variety of employment marketplaces all around the world.
  • Product design does not have to be a one-person show. There are various opportunities in various fields, including design research, art direction, and desktop publishing. It is a position that provides for growth and advancement in a variety of sectors and with a variety of firms.
  • You may even be your employer by freelancing, combining any number of tasks for businesses. If you're unhappy with one part of product design, you can shift to another with a few tweaks. Consider design to be an umbrella beneath which a variety of possibilities are assembled.

Product Design in a Glimpse

Experience the Best of Product Design

Our Expert Designers

Ruma Devi

Famous Traditional Handicraft Artisan

Anna Singh

Celebrity Fashion Designer

Anuj Sharma

Expert Fashion Designer

Our Design Resources

Laser Cutting Lab

- Laser Cutting Lab

These are used for engraving patterns or cutting virtually any 2- dimensional shape from thin materials such as paper products, natural textile

3D Printing Lab

- 3D Printing Lab

Enabling complex geometric or organic shaped parts to be designed on a computer

Metal Lab

- Metal Lab

A fully equipped metal lab, providing the design students with the facilities and resources for metal fabrication and developing structures and product designs

Wood Lab

- Wood Lab

A lab for creating wooden structures and products with state of the art facilities which are designed to provide students with an enriching practical exposure.

Get To Know Your Teachers

Mr. Shoeb Khan

Assistant Professor

- M. Des.
Specialization - Product Design

Mr. Manas Macchhar

Assistant Professor

- M. Des.
Specialization - Product/Transportation Design

Mr. Sameer Bakshi

Assistant Professor

- B des
Specialization - Product Design

Why You Should Enrol in a Diploma in Product Design Course

Possibilities for Employment

Aspirants in product design have several job opportunities. You can enter data into multiple fields. These are examples of design research, desktop publishing, and even art direction. It provides excellent opportunities for advancement. The diploma in product design course seeks to improve students' creativity, design, financial management, and other areas. You can either freelance, do internships, or work for a company.

No Need to Develop Anything Fresh Every Time

It is commonly assumed that you must continually develop something original while conducting product design. Unfortunately, that is only sometimes the case. Throughout the world, various items may demand your attention. Product design also includes the incorporation of new features into existing items. It is valid for all industries. It is critical to understand people's problems when using a product and to change it accordingly.

An Earning Potential

Product design pays well, and there is always room for incentives and bonuses. You can also receive monetary prizes based on your hard work and originality. In addition, a successful product launch moves you closer to your marketing.

Skill Development

Product design is not restricted to a single aspect or set of talents. It requires a range of skill combinations to achieve the desired outcome. Product design is a common ground for business, art, and engineering. Product design colleges in Gujarat concentrate on the development of these abilities. You learn to balance utility, budget, and aesthetic sense.

Incentive for Innovation

There is always a message and a motive behind creating anything new. It's natural to worry about how your idea will affect the rest of the world. Most people will use your product and have a reputable place in the market. It is a prize in and of itself. Being a part of bringing about change in the world is a fantastic accomplishment for everyone. Product design allows you to be a part of this achievement.

As a result, the diploma in product design course is an excellent choice for you because it provides several advantages. It enables you to improve the functionality and looks of various items from various categories. The development of many skill sets increases the worth of your personality.

Career Prospects

With demand for product designers increasing day by day, a wide range of opportunities are opening up for students who want to pursue product designing.

UI Designer

Automotive Designer

UX Designer

Exhibition Designer

Industrial Designer


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