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Our design experience has been designed in such a way that seeks to provide every student with the most unique creative exposure that gets you a step ahead in the design industry. We have curated the most leading events, activities and exhibitions which are designed to provide students with the best opportunities to expose their creative design capabilities.

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International Fashion Show organized by Montrose Runway Fashion Week and KDCI

Montrose Runway Fashion Week is a show-for-cause organized under the name of Montrose Foundation, Delhi, a not-for-profit organization committed to the uplifting of the underprivileged section of the society.

Calcutta International Film Festival 2022

Calcutta International Film Festival is a monthly film festival held in the city of Kolkata and aims to discover and support talented writers and directors to contribute to the vitality of global film culture.

International Microfilm Festival 2022 Kochi

International MicroFilm Festival held at Kochi is a film festival aimed at discovering and promoting micro films that are a blend of thematic excellence and technical perfection. The event is open to independent and student filmmakers across the globe.

The Fear Faire Film Festival 2022

The Fear Faire Film Festival is a film festival that introduces newest creators in the field of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and alternative music to lovers of the horror genre. During the festival, filmmakers can showcase their works to a wide range of audiences representing indie filmmaker experts and horror film lovers.

National Designers Award organized by KDCI at New Delhi.

The National Designers Award organized by the Khadi Design Council of India aims to honor excellence, creativity, and celebrate designs across various disciplines.

Textile Fashion Show organized by FICCI FLO Ahmedabad

The Textile Fashion Show by FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO) aims to promote creation of new, innovative designs and products created by artisans, fashion designers, and textile experts. The show is committed towards broadening the scope of handcrafts and traditional textiles into a global market.

Calligraphy Competition

Calligraphy competition aims to promote the art form of Calligraphy among younger individuals and enhance presentation skills.

Scrap Furniture Design Workshop

Scrap Furniture Design Workshop focuses on creation of upcycled products and home decor and furniture items made from scraps of discarded materials such as plastic and clothes.

India Kids Fashion Week

India Kids Fashion Week, also known as the World’s Largest Kids Fashion Show, is a flagship event of the Indian Kidswear Industry and brings together a talented panel of sponsors, brands, designers, buyers, retail industry, and media talent, among others.

Pithora Painting Workshop at Chhota Udaipur Museum

Pithora painting workshop provides a hands-on learning experience for the highly ritualistic painting form, Pithora that is traditionally done on walls. The painting belongs to tribes living in and around Chhota Udaipur and Kawat, in eastern parts of Gujarat and western parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Saputara Bamboo Workshop

The Bamboo Workshop at Satara focuses on teaching skills for bamboo design, carpentry, and handicraft making and promotes understanding of the traditional use of bamboo.

Lighting Techniques Workshop

Lighting Techniques Workshop teaches individuals how to choose the right lighting equipment for the project and focuses on the key aspects of the portrait lighting techniques.

Virtual Global Design Studio in Collaboration with Ryerson University, Canada

Virtual Global Design Studio is a virtual hub for international creation and collaboration among students of the university and partners across the globe. It offers partners across the globe an opportunity to collaborate with a variety of international teams on original creative projects.

Portrait Making Workshop

Portrait making workshop focuses on the basic ways of making portraits by offering individual instruction and teaching professional sketching techniques.

Sound Design Workshop

The main objective of the workshop is to explore the creative space of sound design and music and teaches individuals to make music, remix songs, and create sound effects.

User Experience Workshop

User Experience workshops aim to focus on diverse perspectives, encourage understanding of ideas and plans and facilitate decision making. This enables students to understand the critical step in the design process that reveals crucial information for the desired targeted audience.

Miniature runway show by Fashion Design students in Collaboration with Interior Design and Film Design Student for set and cinematography on 18th August 2021

Portfolio making workshop of 7 Days was organized for final year students by expert Priyank Shah in August 2021

Air Horn Exhibition by B.Des Foundation Students on 1st September 2021

International Animation Day Celebration Date – 28 October 2021 Chief Guest: Mr. Sanjeev Waeerkar, Renowned Animator and Director of Ice candy

Interior Design students at PID attended a  10 days workshop on ceramics from 1st September to 10th September 2021

Fashionista Exhibition by Fashion Design Students organized on 04th January 2022

Ad Film Workshop by Mr. Ashish Katyan Date: 17th January - 21st January 2022

Storytelling through Poses a Workshop by Mr. Nitin Nigde from 17th January to 21st January 2022

VFX Shooting techniques by Mr. Umesh Patel 19th Feb. 2022

Storytelling through stop motion

Value Added Course on Scrap Metal Design 15th Nov. – 27th Nov. 2021

Devi, a short film by B.Sc. Film & TV Production student was recognized and selected in numerous film festivals for screening.

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