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Bachelor of Science in Animation & VFX

With the growing scope of the VFX industry and the increasing scope of technology, the Faculty of Design offers a 3 year Bachelors of Science in Animation & VFX which seeks to provide students with the much needed exposure in the field of design. The program offers students fundamental exposure to technology, which allows them to gain the much needed exposure to the field of animation and VFX.

The human resources which will be produced through this program will make endless contributions to the scope of fashion and in the industry. It goes on to develop within the students an understanding of textile and apparel industry and develops the skills of the students focusing on a creative approach and innovative solutions through learned traditional and latest digital technologies in the field of design, textile as well as apparel.

Upon completing the program, the students will go on to explore surface textures and patterns for fashion fabrics through an understanding of crafts, contemporary embroidery and embellishment process. Therefore, pursuing this program will allow the students to develop the most quintessential knowledge and understanding through the program.

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Animation And VFX - A Look At The Industry And Growth

The expansion of VFX technology and the growth of animation have transformed the storytelling pattern, resulting in a boom in the entertainment industry along with demand for BSc in animation and VFX. Despite the current economic slowdown and production halt in the early months of the epidemic, there has been a robust rivalry between the media and entertainment sectors, with animation and VFX giving the content an advantage.

In recent years, animation and visual effects companies have witnessed a significant increase in content demand for domestic programs, with the animation market alone forecasting a 10% increase in 2020. Despite significant losses due to the pandemic's first phase, it attained a market value of Rs 24.5 billion.

The entertainment market in India is the world's second-biggest. According to a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the Indian animation and visual effects sector has the potential to capture 20 to 25% of the global AVGC market.

With a greater demand for high-quality content in commercials, web series, movies, and OTT, directors, and producers are increasingly turning to cinematic effects and animation rather than live-action images. Creators increasingly incorporate VFX and animation effects to authentically create the illusion and blend imagination into reality.

To keep the excitement going, producers may create or write stuff that is rich in imagination and visual essence. According to one research, this industry has the potential to produce 75,000 to 125,000 direct and indirect employees by 2025, benefiting the Indian economy.

The marriage of animation with the VFX industry allows enthusiasts and aspiring animators to stretch their ideas and spread their wings in order to develop a viable product.

Here is an explanation for the growth in the VFX and Animation Industry:

The OTT, television, and AGV divisions are driving industrial growth, and in this digital era, they are also assisting in strengthening technology. Cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore are hotbeds for animation studios and institutes.

The number of young individuals interested in utilizing 4G, 5G, and other portable devices has skyrocketed. Visual effects (VFX) are being used more often in cinema and animation. India is one of the top options for a service provider country in the animation business. People are interested in pursuing film and tv production courses in India for entering the VFX industry.

They raised the FDI ceiling from 74% to 100%. In addition, the government announced the National Digital Communications Policy 2018 (NDCP 2018) to support the development of low-cost digital communications infrastructure and services.

The animation and visual effects industries have also increased their investment. As a result, domestic income is estimated to reach 40% in 2021, with international initiatives accounting for around 60%.

The entertainment industry, production companies, and content providers are creating stories that rely on special effects and animation to enrich and aesthetically affect storytelling content. The number of movies published during Covid includes many action and mythical films that extensively use animation and VFX in the creation and post-production stages, which is another reason for the country's industry to thrive.

The production team may easily employ a pre-made environment with some color modifications using modern technologies, cutting production expenses. Filmmakers, production firms, and content suppliers are developing storylines that rely significantly on special effects and animation.

Finally, with the advent of modern technology, the animation and VFX sector has reached new heights. Nonetheless, stronger development is expected in the coming years. Sophisticated procedures and artistic expression have established the groundwork for the projected growth. As a result, the animation business is rapidly expanding.

India is now considered one of the most desired destinations for providing animation and content services.

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Our Laboratories

VFX Studio

- VFX Studio

A high-tech facility equipped with virtual reality and VFX systems which are used for developing

Editing Studio

- Editing Studio

The space provides students the resources to edit audio and visual materials such as podcasts, interviews, etc with hi-tech equipment and softwares.

Sound Studio

- Sound Studio

A sound proofed facility with top notch facilities and equipment for sound recording and editing that is used to record and produce speech, vocals, instruments, orchestras, bands etc

Screening Studio

- Screening Studio

A high definition full display screen that allows students to project movies and screenplays which are used for their creatives such as documentaries, videos etc

Get To Know Your Teachers


Assistant Professor

- Professional Education Program (Diploma in 3D Animation & VFX), MBA, MA(English)
Specialization - Visual Communication, Animation


Assistant Professor

- BA History, and certificate course in Maya
Specialization - Animation, VFX, and game asset development

Career Prospects

With demand for animation and vfx designers increasing day by day, a wide range of opportunities are opening up for students who want to pursue product designing.

UI Designer

Automotive Designer

UX Designer

Exhibition Designer

Industrial Designer

Career Opportunities In The Animation And VFX Industry

If you believe that visual arts is your calling, you can enroll in a related degree to pursue a career in animation and VFX in India and abroad. After studying BSc in animation and VFX, you can pursue various professional opportunities. First, look at some of the most popular VFX and animation job opportunities.

2D Animation Artist

2D artists give their creative ideas wings by using animation software and tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash. The procedure begins with a pencil drawing of the creative concept, which is then transferred to a computer screen using animation tools. Such artists collaborate closely with editors and art directors when making an animated film or scene.

3D Animation Artist

3D animation artists take 2D visual effects to the next level by bringing their works to life. They use 3D animation software and computer graphics to bring animated images to life in movies and games. Such artists are in high demand in the rapidly expanding media and entertainment industries.

3D Modeler

This is one of the most in-demand positions in the animation business. They start with rendered models and scenarios and work their way up. With creativity and extensive technical expertise, 3D modelers' employment opportunities are not limited to the media and entertainment industries. You can also work in educational, scientific, and medical fields.

Character Animation Artists

Character Animation Artists bring animated creations to life. These characters are used to tell stories in animated films, computer games, and mobile applications. 2D activities, 3D displays, puppetry, and liveliness programming bring the characters to life.

Layout Artist

A Layout Artist is crucial in the pre-visualization and pre-production processes. When you work as a Layout Artist, you will be asked to visualize how you want the graphics to appear in the end. You will need to understand the script and create templates for reproducing it on the visual media. Your responsibilities will include deciding on the appearance and arrangement of each scene, as well as camera angles and other details.

Compositing Artist

The Compositing Artist approves the final work and is an essential aspect of the manufacturing process. If you work as a Compositing Artist, you will need to work closely with lighting and surface executives and VFX teams to guarantee that the final product looks great.

Finishing Artist

If you are more of a technical person, this animation job path is made for you. A Finishing Artist collaborates closely with graphic designers, art directors, image banks, and clients to create the final result. In addition, you may use your technical skills to help improve the animation images.

Flash Animator

Because animations are utilized in many different applications and artistic arts, Flash Animators are in high demand. Animation brings characters to life and adds action to stories, whether for amusement, advertising, or narration. Flash animators may also create films, websites, e-learning materials, and video games.

Lighting Artist

Lighting is an essential component of any film production, whether live-action or animation. It establishes consistency across scenes by interacting with real-life items and setting the tone for each one. As a Lighting Artist, you should be naturally aware of how light interacts as part of the storytelling process. It is due to the fact that exactly the correct quantity of light is required to bring each scene to life.

The following are the skill sets necessary along with a BSc in animation and VFX for a promising career in animation and visual effects:
  • Better creativity and imagination
  • Attention to detail
  • Sketching abilities
  • Patience is required during the creation process.
  • Basic computing knowledge
  • Communication and presentation abilities

A BSc in animation and VFX course teaches students how to create people and surroundings digitally rather than spending much money on them in real life. These courses enable students to completely express their creativity using graphics and other technology. You can experience such a learning environment at the Parul Institute of Design. Students interested in working in animation might get an advantage by pursuing a VFX degree and seeking opportunities in the entertainment industry. A BSc in animation and VFX course is a professional program for acquiring the skills and techniques for animation in movies. Most VFX courses cover designing, modeling, animation, rendering, layering, lighting, and life drawing. The purpose of visual effects is to produce on-screen a realistic atmosphere that is difficult to accomplish in real life.

It is done with the use of sophisticated visual effects software, some of which may be studied in classes. Anyone with a creative mind should pursue a VFX degree since it is a rewarding and growing field. VFX has grown in popularity in recent years as a consequence of its use in several hit Bollywood films. The animation and visual effects industries have expanded considerably, and many global organizations are now outsourcing their VFX work to Indian firms. Many young students are opting for VFX training in order to enter this exciting industry and develop their visualization abilities by learning new technologies.


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