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Bachelor of Design in Interior & Furniture Design

The modern-day modular spaces and the rising demand in modern homes and working spaces have created new avenues for career opportunities for students who pursue interior and furniture design. The Faculty of Design offers a four-year bachelor's degree program in Interior and Furniture Design, which seeks to impart within the students an understanding of the modern design trends to suit the demand of the Industry.

The program goes on to shape the student's creative elements, along with their visual and aesthetic appreciation, to shape the trends within the world. The faculty is equipped with state-of-the-art labs and studio facilities that develop the student's practical skills allowing them to engage in a series of hands-on training projects effectively.

The goal of the Interior & Furniture Design program is to impart to the students the ability to create and design quality furniture and interior structures which make a living as well as professional spaces comfortable and sustainable.

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Program Structure



  • Introduction to Interior Design Principles
  • Basics of Architectural Drawing
  • Color Theory and Application
  • Introduction to Furniture Design
  • Design History and Theory

Skill Enhancement

  • Space Planning and Functional Layouts
  • Materials and Finishes Selection
  • Lighting Design for Interiors
  • 3D Visualization Techniques
  • Sustainability in Interior Design


  • Residential Interior Design
  • Commercial and Retail Space Design
  • Hospitality and Restaurant Design
  • Designing for Special Needs and Accessibility
  • Internship with Interior Design Firms

Advanced Concepts

  • Advanced Furniture Design
  • Project Management and Client Relations
  • Adaptive Reuse and Space Transformation
  • Interior Design Entrepreneurship
  • Final Interior Design Project and Exhibition

Selection Process

The selection process is held in three stages


Design Aptitude Test (DAT)

Design Aptitude Test is an online test conducted by the Parul Institute of Design to seek evidence of the attitude, aptitude, achievement, motivation and perception essential in a potential student of design.


Portfolio Round

After successful completion of DAT applicants need to submit their portfolios via the link provided to them.


Personal Interview

After the DAT & Portfolio stages, applicants need to appear for a Personal Interview which will be held online via Google Meet.

DAT will be held on 17th June 2023 from 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM and the last date for applying is 11th June 2023. DAT will be held online and it will be a proctor based exam.


Highlights of the Program

Spatial Design : Develop a deep understanding of how to manipulate space, light, color, and materials to create functional and visually appealing interior environments.

Furniture Design : Learn to design and select furniture that complements the overall design concept, considering comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

Color Psychology : Explore the psychological impact of colors on human emotions and behaviors, using color theory to create atmospheres that align with the intended purpose of the space.

Materials and Finishes : Gain expertise in selecting and applying a wide range of materials, finishes, and textures to enhance the tactile and visual experience of interiors.

Architectural Drawing : Master the art of technical drawing, including floor plans, elevations, and sections, to effectively communicate your design ideas to clients and contractors.

3D Visualization : Learn to create realistic 3D renderings and virtual walkthroughs, enabling clients to visualize the final design before implementation.

Sustainable Design : Embrace eco-friendly design principles, incorporating sustainable materials and practices to create interiors that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible.

Project Management : Develop skills in project planning, budgeting, and coordination to oversee the execution of interior design projects from concept to completion.

Our Expert Designers

Ruma Devi

Famous Traditional Handicraft Artisan

Anna Singh

Celebrity Fashion Designer

Anuj Sharma

Expert Fashion Designer

Our Design Resources

Interior Design Studio

- Interior Design Studio

Avant-garde workshop equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment to help students develop their skills.

Laser Cutting Lab

- Laser Cutting Lab

These are used for engraving patterns or cutting virtually any 2- dimensional shape from thin materials such as paper products, natural textile

3D Printing Lab

- 3D Printing Lab

Enabling complex geometric or organic shaped parts to be designed on a computer

Wood Workshop

- Wood Workshop

For creating various forms of woodwork and furniture for the purpose of redefining and edifying unique design spaces.

Get To Know Your Teachers

Hanna Chauhan

Visiting Faculty

- Bachelors in Architecture
Specialization - Interior Design

Vini Macchhar

Assistant Professor

- M.Des - Interior Design
Specialization - Interior Design

Rutu Bhatt

Assistant Professor

- B.Arch. (Bachelors in Architecture)
Specialization - Interior Design

Career Prospects

With a significant rise in demand for interior designing, it has become a promising career option. Equipped with creative skills and robust thinking abilities, interior designers can showcase their talents in a number of career titles.


Lighting Designers

Exhibition Designers

Product Designer

Textile Designer


General FAQ's

DAT is conducted by Parul Institute of Design to seek evidence of the attitude, aptitude, achievement, motivation and perception essential in a potential student of design. The selection process will be held in three stages1. DAT- Design Aptitude Test 2. Portfolio Round 3. Personal Interview
Candidates will be called to submit their portfolios via a Google Form Link, the second stage of DAT, on the basis of their obtained scores in DAT written exam (first stage). Then Personal Interview (Third Stage) shall be held. A final list will be generated by PID on the basis of the sum total of the weighted scores secured by the candidate in each stage of the admissions process. Note that everything is conducted online.
Students will be given three hours to complete a 100-marks paper. It will consist of 100 multiple choice based questions.
The Design Aptitude Test covers all the aspects from Design, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, General Knowledge. Yes. Two mock tests are conducted before the final DAT.
No. The NATA score is not taken into account for the DAT. Candidates shall have to give PID DAT.
He/she will be required to fill the online application on the Parul University website. The application fee is Rs. 2000/- Fee has to be paid in online mode via credit card/debit card, and a printout should be taken for future reference.
PID does not provide an admit card but the candidates will receive Login Credentials to give their online DAT via Email/SMS/Call. The DAT shall be conducted on WAC (World Assessment Council ) online platform.
Yes, the DAT is common for all the applicants for undergraduate design admissions.
No, there is no waiver for any of the rounds. It is mandatory to appear for all of the three rounds.
Yes, a student can appear for DAT for an unlimited number of attempts provided he/she fulfils the prescribed eligibility criteria.
No, there is no test that works as an alternative for DAT.
Do you like to draw or make things with material found around the house? Do you like working on jigsaws and puzzles? Are you curious about how things work and why some don't work? Would you rather doodle and explain an idea than talk about it? If you answer yes to most of these questions, then you do have an aptitude for design.
Drawing is a skill, learnt and perfected by practice. PID DAT is not just to judge your skills at drawing or sketching but rather to assess your ability to question the design problem and communicate your ideas/design solutions.
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