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About PID

Set in the heart of Gujarat’s cultural capital, Vadodara, PID (Parul Institute of Design) is the fruit of various passionate design professionals coming together at Parul University to form an institution fostering the true spirit of innovation combined with creativity to promote sustainability as well as need-based solutions. In recent years, PID has gained prominence in the design sector as an institution that gives rise to higher-order thinking & creating skills.

PID is situated on the green & vibrant campus of Parul University, which is known for its modern approach to innovation and global exposure in all spheres. The goals are quite simple, raising a culture of design professionals primarily committed to bringing a change in the world.


To create the finest experts in Design who can serve the creative industry.


To foster skills and talent that drives creativity To instill the attributes and qualities of sustainability in design


One of the first and core values that a student is taught immediately after joining PID is to EXPLORE. Our faculties are well-versed in the paraphernalia of the design industry and what it takes to be a game-changing professional. Exploration always comes first on this list. Learning more about the surroundings and how to make the world more sustainable is what comes with the exploration of the self and everything that surrounds us.


EXPERIMENT is usually what follows EXPLORE. Exploration paves the way for experimentation in all spheres of design-dominated sectors and undertakings. Our students are encouraged to engage in experimental pursuits to test their knowledge and skills related to their area of expertise. This helps them grow and learn more while making discoveries regularly.


Experience is very important while learning to become a better design & arts professional. It not only helps one stay updated with the latest trends, demands, and technologies in the world but also helps in building a stronger sense of understanding of the values and requirements related to the field.

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