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Why Be A Part of Our Creative Ecosystem

Parul Institute of Design, situated on the global campus of Parul University, is an exceptional design institute with a taste for separating the extraordinary from the ordinary. It provides state- of-the-art infrastructure, the latest tools & tech, an expert faculty body, industry guidance, practical/ theoretical resources, and much more.


Situated on the 150 acres campus of Parul University, PID is a spectacle to behold. It is filled with wall paintings, sculptures, think pieces, murals, etc., that encapsulate the beauty of various design elements from the past & present, as well as pay homage to the pioneers of art from around the world. The 6-storied building houses some of the finest design students from the country, providing them with all necessary resources to make a statement with their work wherever they go.


PID has a plethora of labs and classrooms filled with the latest equipment and technology required to furnish a career in design. Some of the creative spaces include ‘Bunnai,’ a loom equipped space for weaving, ‘Chhaap,’ a space for sustainable garment printing, and ‘Sanchana,’ a sewing space fully equipped with over 40 sewing machines. As a way of developing the fine arts expertise of the students, the building is also equipped with clay, wood, and metal workshops.


Parul university conducts several subject-related seminars, workshops, exhibitions, guest lectures, and expert talks throughout the year, both theoretical & practical. Recently, popular handicraft artist and social activist Ruma Devi graced the PU Talks event and interacted with the students to share her vision and experience with them.


PID provides ample theoretical and practical resources to students in the form of a design library, tools, reference materials, guidance & counselling, and other similar practices.


Parul University’s International Relations Cell (IRC) conducts regular study abroad programs, semester/year exchange programs, student exchange programs, and much more for the students of the university, including the students of PID. This opens up international learning opportunities for all students on campus.


The EDC or Entrepreneurship Development Cell is the wing of Parul University that helps students with business dreams to fulfill them. Many successful start-ups have been created and funded with the help and guidance of the EDC. Students can walk into this office and express their business ideas with the experts, who, in turn, guide them through the process.


The large, vibrant campus of the university acts as a medium of inspiration for the students of PID. The campus witnesses a lot of events (technical/ non-technical), cultural fests, exhibitions, etc. throughout the year that give opportunities to the students to showcase their talent and get it noticed by the masses.

Exposure to Expert Designers

We have the finest experts from various design industries who have a wide range of expertise and experience in the field who constantly provide guidance and mentorship to shape their careers.

Faculties From NIDs & NIFT

Our faculties have trained from the top NIDs and NIFTs and other global design institutes where they mastered the fundamentals of design and essential elements to train the future designers.

Design Exhibitions

As a way of providing students with the most leading design experience, we organize design exhibitions and platforms for students to showcase their skills. The platforms also allow students to gain the best design understanding.

Internship Opportunities

We provide students with the opportunity to work while they learn through the finest internship experiences which have been designed to provide a leading learning experience of the industry.

A Fun & Creative Learning Environment

Our design education is not only knowledge based, but it is fun and creative to provide students with the most enriching learning experience which focuses on enhancing and ensuring their overall growth.

Leading Awards & Recognitions

We have won some of the most prestigious awards and received recognitions from top design agencies and institutions across the globe which focus on guaranteeing our students of the highest level of quality in their design education.

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