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Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design & Technology

PID’s Fashion Design & Technology is a 4 year programme that has built the reputation of shaping graduates who master the creative fashion design field with inside and out information on the specialized parts of style designing and assembling. The course reflects contemporary industry principles and urges students to plan and foster creative style items and reach utilizing both manual and advanced innovations.

The students work on live projects with industry experts and furthermore have a valuable scope to showcase their knowledge and expertise in the field. The programme urges them to coordinate their learning towards objective business sectors like extravagance, outerwear, denim, fitting, execution, or way of life athletic apparel.

The pragmatic parts of the course are supported by the investigation of the business and social settings of design with the thought of the fashion design industry. During the course, students develop their fashion portfolio which transcends their imaginative and specialized abilities to suit the various professions.

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Program Structure



  • Introduction to Design Principles
  • Basics of Textiles and Fabrics
  • Fashion Sketching and Illustration
  • Introduction to Garment Construction
  • Visual Communication Techniques

Skill Enhancement

  • Advanced Pattern Making and Draping
  • Textile Technology and Innovation
  • Fashion History and Culture
  • CAD for Fashion Design
  • Fashion Marketing and Consumer Behavior


  • Couture and Avant-Garde Fashion
  • Sustainable Fashion Practices
  • Fashion Trend Forecasting
  • Collection Development
  • Internship in a Fashion Design Studio

Advanced Concepts

  • Fashion Portfolio Development
  • Business of Fashion
  • Fashion Show Production
  • Entrepreneurship in Fashion
  • Final Collection and Exhibition

Selection Process

The selection process is held in three stages


Design Aptitude Test (DAT)

Design Aptitude Test is an online test conducted by the Parul Institute of Design to seek evidence of the attitude, aptitude, achievement, motivation and perception essential in a potential student of design.


Portfolio Round

After successful completion of DAT applicants need to submit their portfolios via the link provided to them.

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Highlights of the Program

Creative Exploration : Delve into the world of colors, fabrics, textures, and patterns, and learn to express your creativity through fashion sketches, illustrations, and 3D designs.

Design Principles : Master the fundamental principles of design, including proportion, balance, harmony, and rhythm, and learn how to apply them to your fashion creations.

Garment Construction : Acquire hands-on expertise in constructing garments from scratch, understanding sewing techniques, pattern making, and fitting to bring your design concepts to life.

Textile Knowledge : Explore various textiles, their properties, and applications to make informed decisions when selecting fabrics for your designs, considering factors like comfort, durability, and aesthetics.

Trend Analysis : Stay ahead in the fashion world by learning how to analyze and predict industry trends, ensuring your designs are contemporary and resonate with your target audience.

Fashion Technology : Embrace digital tools such as computer-aided design (CAD) software to enhance your design process, create virtual prototypes, and visualize your concepts effectively.

Portfolio Development : Build an impressive portfolio throughout the course, showcasing your design journey, creative process, and a diverse range of projects that highlight your growth as a fashion designer.

Industry Exposure : Benefit from guest lectures by renowned fashion designers, industry professionals, and field trips to fashion events, exhibitions, and studios, gaining valuable insights into the real-world fashion landscape.

Our Expert Designers

Ruma Devi

Famous Traditional Handicraft Artisan

Anna Singh

Celebrity Fashion Designer

Anuj Sharma

Expert Fashion Designer

Our Design Resources


- Handlooms Studio

A designated space for weaving fully equipped with handlooms and various equipment for fashion garment making.


- Garment Printing Studio

A studio for garment printing and pattern designing for adding color and pigments to the garments though sustainable colors


- Sewing Lab

Garment attachment that is designated for sewing fully equipped with over 40 singer sewing machines

Get To Know Your Teachers


Associate Professor & Vice Principal

- Masters in Fashion and clothing technology , Masters in supply chain Management
Specialization - Fashion Design

Dhara Vinod Parmar

Assistant Professor

- Masters in Fahion Management
Specialization - Masters of Fashion Management


Assistant Professor

- Masters in textile and fashion technology. Pursuing PhD
Specialization - Fashion Design

Career Prospects

Rapid advancements and innovations in garment and accessory designs, the opportunities have become wide and varied.

Fashion designer

Textile designer


Creative Director

Retail Buyer


Semester 1 Semester 2
Contextual Art and Design Design Communication Skills
Material Studies (Linear, Planar, Solid, Moldable) Craft Experience
Creative Skills Fashion Context
Object as History Fashion Drawing & Representation 1
Visual Expression Fashion Studio 1
Design Concepts FD_elective_sem 2 (Compulsory Subjects :1)
Semester 3 Semester 4
Textile Study Creative Production Studio
Introduction to Fashion Styling Traditional Indian Textiles
Fashion Drawing & Representation 2 Craft Study
Design Project - Ready to Wear Fashion illustration
Fashion Studio 2 Design Project - Ethnic Studio
FD_elective_sem 3 (Compulsory Subjects :1) Fashion Karkhana
FD_elective_sem 4 (Compulsory Subjects :1)
Semester 5 Semester 6
Fashion Production Studio 3 D fashion studio
Apparel Merchandising & Production Retail & branding
Design Apprenticeship Interdiscplinary Design
Research Process Design Entreprenuership
Fashion & Trend Forecasting Portfolio Development
Design Project - Athleisure Design Project - Bespoke
FD_elective_sem 5 (Compulsory Subjects :1)  FD_elective_sem 6 (Compulsory Subjects :1)
Semester 7 Semester 8
Industry Experience Industry Graduation Project
Contemporary Narration Practices  
Design Innovation & Sustainabilty  
Design Graduation Project  


General FAQ's

DAT is conducted by Parul Institute of Design to seek evidence of the attitude, aptitude, achievement, motivation and perception essential in a potential student of design. The selection process will be held in three stages1. DAT- Design Aptitude Test 2. Portfolio Round 3. Personal Interview
Candidates will be called to submit their portfolios via a Google Form Link, the second stage of DAT, on the basis of their obtained scores in DAT written exam (first stage). Then Personal Interview (Third Stage) shall be held. A final list will be generated by PID on the basis of the sum total of the weighted scores secured by the candidate in each stage of the admissions process. Note that everything is conducted online.
Students will be given three hours to complete a 100-marks paper. It will consist of 100 multiple choice based questions.
The Design Aptitude Test covers all the aspects from Design, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, General Knowledge. Yes. Two mock tests are conducted before the final DAT.
No. The NATA score is not taken into account for the DAT. Candidates shall have to give PID DAT.
He/she will be required to fill the online application on the Parul University website. The application fee is Rs. 2000/- Fee has to be paid in online mode via credit card/debit card, and a printout should be taken for future reference.
PID does not provide an admit card but the candidates will receive Login Credentials to give their online DAT via Email/SMS/Call. The DAT shall be conducted on WAC (World Assessment Council ) online platform.
Yes, the DAT is common for all the applicants for undergraduate design admissions.
No, there is no waiver for any of the rounds. It is mandatory to appear for all of the three rounds.
Yes, a student can appear for DAT for an unlimited number of attempts provided he/she fulfils the prescribed eligibility criteria.
No, there is no test that works as an alternative for DAT.
Do you like to draw or make things with material found around the house? Do you like working on jigsaws and puzzles? Are you curious about how things work and why some don't work? Would you rather doodle and explain an idea than talk about it? If you answer yes to most of these questions, then you do have an aptitude for design.
Drawing is a skill, learnt and perfected by practice. PID DAT is not just to judge your skills at drawing or sketching but rather to assess your ability to question the design problem and communicate your ideas/design solutions.
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