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Faculty of Applied Science

The application of science, in the daily lives of the people has grown immensely. With social problems continuously erupting, science has brought about practical solutions to some of these problems. It is inline with this agenda, that the Faculty of Applied Science, endeavors to disseminate the knowledge of science, by developing highly critical and analytical students with a sharp scientific understanding. The faculty is oriented towards research, with its state of the art laboratories, the possibilities of real-time research have become endless. The Faculty of Applied Science focuses on an in-depth study of programs having great scientific significance such as applied physics, biochemistry, mathematics, microbiology amongst other fields. Its strategic industrial ties, with various research-based companies, and pharmaceuticals provides the budding science students, with practical hands-on training platforms, even before their point of graduation. The faculty emphasizes on the acquisition of ethical scientific knowledge which is vital for producing students, with a desire to edify the welfare of humanity through the use of science. 

Why Study Applied Science?

Applied science today stands as one of the most essential fields which is playing a crucial role in the contribution towards human welfare and social change “science for society”

Forensic sciences today have a wide scope of utility and usefulness as a part of the justice delivery system. In this regard, applied science includes a wide exposure to all the modern trends in forensic science.

Applied science is a research-oriented field, this provides an engaging learning opportunity, that is open to new discoveries and endless opportunities, which guarantees every prospective applied scientist a place of impact.

Applied Science is a versatile field which has endless career prospects, which include chemists, biologists, physicists, food scientists, environmental scientists and forensic scientists, amongst others.

What makes
PU Faculty of Applied Science unique?

State of the art laboratories and research facilities for science innovation.
A unique league of faculties from renowned Science Universities and Institutions.
Enriching global exposure, through exchange programs and strategic partnerships.
Impeccable student placements opportunities, from our industry ties.

Message from
the Dean

“Science for Society” is the drive behind every scientific thought, and every innovative idea, and the need to keep the welfare of humanity at the center of every scientific discovery. As the Dean of Faculty of Applied Science, it is my humble privilege to be a part of this knowledge sharing process, which focuses on developing students who are ready to make use of science in order to make the world a better place. As a faculty, our main agenda is to disseminate science education, through practical means, by getting students acquainted to the current world issues, so that they can get to develop practical solutions for them. I believe research is the main drive towards new academic discoveries, which is why our focus here at the Faculty of Applied Science is centered on developing the research skills of the students, as a way of making them highly effective and competitive scientific human resources.

Dr. Trilok Akhani

Our Academic Resource Person

Prof. Todkar Ashish Prakash

Head of Department Food Technology

Master of Technology (Food Processing Engineering)

Expertise & Research Interests

  • Microencapsulation and use of bioactive compounds in food fortification 
  • Conversion of food waste into bio-energy by using low cost methods


  • Holds a total of 8 Years of Experience
  • Has worked in the establishment of pilot plant and  laboratories and handled ICAR, State committee  
  • Developed Nutrition Based Recipes with Nestle



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