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With the ever-changing environmental elelments along with climate change, the study of geographical elements has become a fundamental part of the science communtiy. The Department of Geology, under the Faculty of Applied Sciences offers a 2 year post graduate program in geology which focuses in providing specialised geological aspects. The course is uniquely designed to provide the students with a curriculum exposure in the fundamental elements of geology such as natural resources, social science, geomorphology and hydrogeology. As a way of providing students with the most enriching exposure of this field, various studies in rock structures and their formation over time through evolution and their impact on the earth's surface are conducted. With our elite league of faculties and expert academic resources we go on to provide our students with the most guided learning experience, which delivers real time education with a practice academic significance. The program follows an impact based teaching methodology which seeks to impart within the students the most contemporary natural phenomenons such as volcanoes, earthquakes and floods along with the impact of climatic conditions on the rock structures. The program goes on to focus the development of the students’ career competencies, thus goes on to conduct field works as a way of enhancing their skillsets in surveying, assessing and mapping the earth surface.


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M.Sc.GeologyProgram Outcomes

Why Study M.Sc.Geology

Geology studies are related to some of the most vital natural elements such as energy, water, mineral resources, climate change and natural disasters. With increasing amount of disasters and the depletion of natural resources, the need for geologists has spiked in the recent decades. Therefore pursuing this program will equip the students with the relevant skill sets to navigate the scope of the industry in geology. The students can also get to work in the sustainability of the earth for the betterment of human welfare.
Environmental consultant

Environmental consultant

An ability to understand the real time issues of the earth and the environment and working towards finding solutions to mitigate the challenges.


An ability to utilise the various forms of technological advancements in the field of geology, and effectively apply for the discovering and the uncovering of new innovations.

Geology Consultant

Geology Consultant

An ability to apply the fundamentals of geology to innovate novel cutting edge developments through the use of experimentations.


An ability to develop an understanding of ethical research practices, and the various geographic regulations and guidelines.

Environmental Biotechnologist

Environmental Biotechnologist

An ability to develop an understanding of the inter-workings of the eco systems and biological organisms within the environment

Duration: 2 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

Bachelors degree in Applied Science


Mode of Admission

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Faculties Offering

Faculty of Applied Sciences(Vadodara Campus), Faculty of Applied Sciences & Research (Ahmedabad Campus)

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* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

M.Sc.Geology CurriculumCurriculum

Mineralogy and Crystallography

Structural Geology and Tectonics

Earth Surface Processes

Stratigraphy and Indian Geology

Igneous Petrology


Metamorphic Petrology

Remote Sensing and GIS

Sedimentary Petrology and Sedimentology

Marine Geology

Lab-1(Mineralogy and Crystallography)

Geological Field Work*

Lab-2(Igneous Petrology)

Lab-1(Structural Geology and Tectonics)

Lab-3(Metamorphic Petrology)


Lab-4(Sedimentary Petrology and Sedimentology)

Lab-3(Remote Sensing and GIS)


Economic Geology

Environmental Geology

Mining Geology and Mineral Economics

Quaternary Geology


Engineering Geology

Exploration Geology



Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Petroleum and Coal Geology





M.Sc.Geology Curriculum Laboratories


Computer Labs

Equipped with a total of 15 computer laboratories which are strategically designed to provide students with the most vital practical training exposure.


Research and Development Lab

As a way of promoting research in robotics and automation, a specific laboratory has been reserved for research and development where students can constantly engage in practical

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Animal house Animal tissue culture and plant tissue culture labs for high end research

Animal house Animal tissue culture and plant tissue culture labs for high end research

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Rock lab

Rock lab

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Central instrumentation lab for use of sophisticated equipment

Central instrumentation lab for use of sophisticated equipment

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Analysis lab for analysis of bio molecules

Analysis lab for analysis of bio molecules

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Biochemistry lab for biochemical estimations

Biochemistry lab for biochemical estimations