About M.Sc. in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an innovation and a research oriented field which is focused on inventing materials and devices which are as small as atoms and molecules. This field is expected to increase the efficiency of energy consumption, keep the environment clean and solve major health issues. The Faculty of Applied Sciences offers a two year masters degree in Nanotechnology which seeks to impart within the students a comprehensive understanding of the various nano sized elements. This postgraduate degree program takes a more research-based approach to the field as a way of providing students with in-depth expert insights. The department's expert league of faculties impart skills of manupulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale to be utilized across various fields of science like chemistry, biology, physics, material science and engineering. Moreover, they also educate the students about chemicals, materials and structures which appear at a nano level. To provide students with the much needed practical knowledge and understanding, the Faculty of Applied Sciences is equipped with state of the art facilities of research and experimentation. The students get to conduct a series of real-time real search based studies under the guidance of experts who have the know-how and the practical knowledge which is necessary to provide the student with the much-needed training. The student tailored curriculum of Parul University is designed in an interdisciplinary approach which allows students to apply fundamentals of nanotechnology to other related disciplines such as medicine and engineering. The program will develop the student’s understanding of key subjects like nano chemistry, biomolecules, nano electronics, fabrication techniques, etc. Beyond the scope of the academics, the Faculty of Applied Sciences is related to various industries which seek to provide the students with a career-oriented experience, to prepare them for their work within the industry.


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M.Sc. in NanotechnologyProgram Outcomes

Why Study M.Sc. in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology as a new sphere of scientific innovation has a broader scope in terms of its three major divisions- Nanoelectronics, Nanomaterials, and Nano-Biotechnology. The areas covered in Nanotechnology are Food and Beverage, Bio- Technology, Forensic Sciences, Genetics, Space Research, Environment industry, Medicine, Agriculture and Teaching. An M.Sc. in Nanotechnology has various social, economic as well as environmental benefits which further provide the professionals with worldwide employment opportunities.
Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

An ability to make decisions and processing in an organization or a firm by setting up targets, acquiring clients, appointing agents, recruiting staff, delivering presentations, etc.


An ability to provide the students with adequate knowledge about the various aspects of nanotechnology so that they can further excel in their lives.

Project Engineer

Project Engineer

An ability to develop project objectives through reviewing the project objectives as well as plans. Also to look after the project responsibilities by further identifying the project elements and phases.

Service Engineer

An ability to work towards reviewing all machines after a specific period of time which would in finding the faults and rectify them which will further help in avoiding serious problems in the future.

Service Engineer
Project Assistant

Project Assistant

An ability to provide support and maintain a balance between the time and scope of execution of projects under the direct supervision of a senior personnel most probably the Project Director in that particular firm.

Duration: 2 years (Semester System).



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

For admission to M.sc. Physics, the candidate shall have passed their undergraduate studies in a B.sc program of equivalent from a recognized University.


Mode of Admission

For Admission to this program, please follow our online admission procedure, Apply Now.

M.Sc. in Nanotechnology feesFees


M.Sc. in Nanotechnology

Rs. 30,000/- Annually*

* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

M.Sc. in Nanotechnology Curriculum Laboratories


Research and Development Lab.

Research and Development Lab. As a way of promoting research in robotics and automation, a specific laboratory has been reserved for research and development where students can constantly engage in practical research activities for social and industrial significance.


Computer Labs

Equipped with a total of 15 computer laboratories which are strategically designed to provide students with the most vital practical training exposure. Each lab allows students to develop and shape their understanding in the various areas of MySQL, SQL Server, TurboC, VisualStudio, MATLAB, NetBeans, Linux, Windows OS, and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/DSIR lab for research work with good facilities

DSIR lab for research work with good facilities

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Animal house for scientific trials

Animal house for scientific trials

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Animal tissue culture and plant tissue culture labs for high end research

Animal tissue culture and plant tissue culture labs for high end research

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Central instrumentation lab for use of sophisticated equipment

Central instrumentation lab for use of sophisticated equipment

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Analysis lab for analysis of bio molecules

Analysis lab for analysis of bio molecules

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Biochemistry lab for biochemical estimations

Biochemistry lab for biochemical estimations

M.Sc. in Nanotechnology CurriculumActivities


Conducting seminars and workshops is a part of the regular teaching curriculum of PU. These introduce students to conceptual learning and in depth knowledge of the syllabus. Some of the sessions held in the past are- · One day state level seminar on “Emanating aspects in Chemical Sciences”. · Workshop at sophisticated Instrumentation Centre for Applied Research & Testing at Anand, Gujarat


To keep in steps with the growing industrial advances, the department plans industrial visits throughout the academic semester. The students get to seek knowledge of their working profiles and the various applications of the course they are pursuing. · Visit to ONGC Padra · Visit to Lupin Limited, Dabhasa, Vadodara · Visit to Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals, Vadodara

Science Vibe – 2019

The faculty of Applied Science celebrated National Science Day on 15th March, 2019 by organizing Science Vibe event. The event covered various competitions like Working Model Presentation, Poster Presentation, Scientific spot photography, Quiz, Science Game, etc. There were 468 participants from various branches of Parul University.