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The Masters in Biotechnology program, is a 2 year post-graduate degree program which focuses on various specialised aspects of research and experimentation as a way of providing various scientific solutions. The program is a blend of technology and biology and makes use of cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products has been one of the most significant contributors towards human welfare and development. The program is pffered under the University's Faculy of Applied Science which focuses in producing experts who are training in this field. The curriculum is uniquely designed to train the students in modern aspects of molecular biology with an advanced scientific education. The faculty of equipped with state of the art laboratories which work around the clock towards developing the practical skills of the students, while preparing them for their career in the industry. The biotechnology academic scheme is designed to provide an exposure to biological subjects such as genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology while at the same time integrating technical subjects such as robotics, IT and chemical engineering. Our boundless laboratory research, dynamic pedagogy, current industrial training, and the necessary interpersonal skills prepare our students to dominate the progress in healthcare, industrial biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and more. The combination of skills acquired by our students prepares them for an ever increasing range of career options. We strive to groom our students for employment opportunities in this critically potent and dynamic biotechnology industry.


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M.Sc. BiotechnologyProgram Outcomes

Why Study M.Sc. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a comprehensive field of science which deals with living cells and their extracts thus aligning it with major fields such as pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental and diagnostic industries. This field is predicted to be one of the most essential disciplines of science in this century due to the ever growing scope of science and technology, thus providing an endless pool of opportunities for the students. The program will also equip students with practical skills in research and development thereby producing students with effective industrial competency. Upon completing the program, students can work in fields such as:
Research Scientist

Research Scientist

An ability to develop an understanding of the modern trends within the biotechnology industry and the various ways and methods used to develop healthcare and promote the quality of life.

Biotech Engineer

An ability to navigate the various aspects of technology, and effectively understand them and relate them in relation to biotechnology.

Biotech Engineer
Academic Professor

Academic Professor

An ability to apply the fundamentals of biotechnology to innovate novel cutting edge develop-ments through the use of experimentations.

Agricultural Biotechnologist

An ability to develop the understanding of industrial scientific regulations and regulatory frame-works in science for ethical human development.

Agricultural Biotechnologist
Environmental Biotechnologist

Environmental Biotechnologist

An ability to demonstrate interpersonal skills and professional competences in the various aspects of skill based communication.

Duration: 2 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

For admission to M.Sc. Biotechnology, the candidate shall have passed their undergraduate studies in any B.Sc. Life science course.


Mode of Admission

For admissions please visit our portal to register/login yourself and proceed ahead with your admission application.

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M.Sc. Biotechnology


* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

M.Sc. Biotechnology CurriculumCurriculum

Molecular Biology

Genetic engineering

Analytical Techniques


Biostatistics and Computer Applications


Lab-1 Biochemistry and Analytical Techniques

Lab-I Immunology

Lab-2 Molecular biology

Lab- 2 Microbiology and Genetic Engineering


Research Methodology & Scientific Writing


Microbiology & Industrial Applications

Cell and Developmental Biology



M.Sc. Biotechnology Curriculum Laboratories


Computer Labs

Equipped with a total of 15 computer laboratories which are strategically designed to provide stu-dents with the most vital practical training exposure.


Research and Development Lab

As a way of promoting research in robotics and automation, a specific laboratory has been reserved for research and development where students can constantly engage in practical

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Animal house

Animal house

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Animal tissue culture and plant tissue culture labs for high end research

Animal tissue culture and plant tissue culture labs for high end research

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Central instrumentation lab for use of sophisticated equipment

Central instrumentation lab for use of sophisticated equipment

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Analysis lab for analysis of bio molecules

Analysis lab for analysis of bio molecules

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Biochemistry lab for biochemical estimations

Biochemistry lab for biochemical estimations