About B.V.A Applied Arts

The Bachelor of Visual Arts is a four-year undergraduate program which seeks to develop within the students the creative skillsets and artistic abilities to innovate, modify and develop various structures into the finest art pieces. Applied Arts is a program which blends a variety of art forms and develops within the students a unique ability to beautify, design and enhance the aesthetics of distinct objects and structures. The Faculty of fine arts endeavours to inculcate the fundamentals of applied arts within the students through a comprehensive curriculum which teaches students in areas such as designing, decorating, drawing & painting, calligraphy and clay moulding. Parul University emphasizes in the development of students' practical skills, therefore a specifically designated studio is made available for students to actively engage in various projects throughout their academic tenure. The Faculty of Fine Arts is equipped with an elite league of faculties and academic resources with a unique industrial background and real time exposure to various forms of applied design, therefore providing students with a quality learning experience. Beyond the scope of the curriculum the program goes on to develop the professional ethics and interpersonal abilities of the students, in preparation for their various career prospects in the arts industry.


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B.V.A Applied ArtsProgram Outcomes

Why Study B.V.A Applied Arts

Applied arts is an amalgamation of aesthetics, utility and usefulness which works on the foundation of artistic traditions and modern advances. Behind every outstanding product, the applied arts professionals unleash their creativity, emotions, intuition and novelty. This program allows individuals to harness their innate talents not just for creativity, but also for marketing, leadership and consumer relations.


An ability to understand the various social, cultural and economic dynamics of the world and to visually present them in an art form.

Layout Designer

An ability to vividly portray the world through the use of paint and canvas and to shape the perspectives of the people

Layout Designer
Exhibition Designer

Exhibition Designer

An ability to project innovative ideas and creativity relating to art and to introduce your new thought processes.

Applied Artist

An ability to document various historical processes through the use of art and visual imagery, which can be utilized in various scenarios.

Applied Artist
Craft Artist

Craft Artist

An ability to demonstrate effective growth and interpersonal communicative abilities which allow painters to be more relatable and flexible.

Duration: 4 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

The candidate shall have passed HSC examination in Science or Arts or Commerce stream conducted by Gujarat Board or any other recognized Examination Board


Mode of Admission

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B.V.A Applied Arts feesFees


B.V.A Applied Arts

₹ 40,000/- Annually*

* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

B.V.A Applied Arts CurriculumCurriculum

1st Semester    

2nd Semester  

Wood Cut

Wood Cut



Basic Graphic Design-I

Basic Graphic Design-II

Painting Composition-I

Painting Composition-II

Basic Sculpture-I

Basic Sculpture-II

History of Art-I

History of Art-II

Fundamentals of Visual Arts-I

Fundamentals of Visual Arts-II






Graphic Design-III

Graphic Design-IV



History of Art-III

History of Art-IV

History of Design-I

History of Design-II



Elective - 1 (Compulsory Subjects :1)

Elective - 1 (Compulsory Subjects :1)


Drawing V


Advertising design-I

Advertising design-II



History of Art-V

Project Work


History of Art-VI

History of Design-III


Elective - 1 (Compulsory Subjects :1)

History of Design-IV


Elective - 1 (Compulsory Subjects :1)


Internship Project-I

Internship Project-II

History of Art-VII

History of Art-VIII



Methods and Materials-I

Methods and Materials-II

Elective - 1 (Compulsory Subjects :1)

Elective - 1 (Compulsory Subjects :1)

Elective 2 (Compulsory Subjects :2)

Elective 2 (Compulsory Subjects :2)


B.V.A Applied Arts Curriculum Fine Arts Studio


Fine Arts Studio

As a way of developing the practical skills of the students, the Faculty of Fine Arts has designated a specific studio which serves the purpose of engaging students in a series of practical exercises

B.V.A Applied Arts CurriculumActivities

Beginning of Applied Arts (Commercial Arts) and its presence in Paintings

Mrs. Malti Gaekwad is an experienced faculty in the field of Applied Arts and was invited for a guest lecture for the students of BVA first year. She spoke on the beginning of Applied Arts, Design and its presence in Paintings. Students reciprocated to her knowledge and were interested in knowing further in details. The session took over many other aspects of Design in present day.

Talk on global mix of art education and higher studies in fine arts

The professor Jamie Scott from Fine Arts, De Montfort University Leicester, UK visited Faculty of Fine Arts, Parul University. He interacted with the students of Fine Arts and delivered a talk on global mix of art education and higher studies in fine arts.

Architecture, Fine Arts & Design Expo 2019

As a concluding mark to their academic journey, the budding architects, designers and fine arts students of Parul University, made an outstanding display of their artistic and innovative creativity during the recently held academic exhibition. With their cutting-edge thought process and their understanding of five years of education, the students of the faculties of architecture, fine arts and design showcased their final year projects. This was pure results of hard work, commitment and dedication on the part of the student and their faculties.

Workshop on "Out of the Box”

Students of Faculty of Fine Arts were exposed to 10 days long workshop called "Out of the Box" conducted by Jana Bednarova, Slovakian artist. The workshop aimed to open ways to understand works of Post Modern & Contemporary artists who work with concept and mix media. The program of the course helped students to find the area of interest in art and discover the topic and elaborate the experimental artwork which they were able to discuss in context of present day art.