About B.Sc. in Grooming and Styling

Beyond the making of garments, the scope of fashion has been widening to include the styling and grooming of individuals to develop within them the essential mannerisms for clothing, costumes and outfits. To impart the much needed knowledge and understanding in this field, the Faculty of Design offers a 3 year Bachelor of Science degree in grooming and styling. This industry-leading fashion styling & grooming course seeks to provide students with a view into the fashion industry, along with an understanding of the history of costume design, what makes trends, how to use various colour palattes to produce the desired effect. As a way to impart within the students the much needed practical exposure, throughout the course the students are exposed to a series of portfolio development initiatives which seek to produce the creative abilities within every student. Students acquire training in the area of fashion styling through their choice of apparel, accessories, colours and fabrics, to help individuals – be it celebrities, media professionals, models, CXOs or business magnates – thus creating a unique and personal sense of style. The curriculum of the program seeks to develop within the students specific lessons which cover the areas of personal styling, TV styling, styling for advertisements, styling for the movies, styling for designers and still-life styling. Personal grooming is another specialisation which seeks to educate the students regarding specific aspects of beautifying and styling skills such as self makeup, saree draping, and hair styling. The personal grooming course appropriately focuses on other interlinked services including fashion and beauty concepts & trends, nail art, make-up application, skin care solutions while creating a foundational knowledge base providing leverage to the individual to rise within the beauty and wellness fraternity. The program is taken under the instruction of highly skilled faculties who seek to develop the students' abilties to engage with the industry in preparation of their careers.


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B.Sc. in Grooming and StylingProgram Outcomes

Why Study B.Sc. in Grooming and Styling

The students who get to pursue this program will learn and develop an in-depth understanding into the world of fashion and the various methods and mechanisms of the industry. The course provides aspirants with professional training about fashion styling which is mainly about how to create the complete look. It emphasizes on design, commercial styling, personal shopping, image makeovers etc. thus with this overall industrial exposure, students who get to pursue this program will get a step ahead in their career.
Image Consultant

Image Consultant

An ability to provide personal image and outlook solutions to individuals on various levels and shape their personal appearances.

Fashion Stylist

An ability to have a sustainable approach while designing clothes.

Fashion Stylist
Fashion Educator

Fashion Educator

An ability to promote effective and positive changes in the global fashion industry.

Personal stylist

An ability to exhibit original and novel ideas to one’s design and outfit styles which shape individuals and enhance their styles

Personal stylist
Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser

An ability to demonstrate growth in personal and professional responsibility, with the right mannerisms and etiquette.

Duration: 3 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

Pass in HSC(Science/Commerce/Arts) from recognized board


Mode of Admission

For admissions please visit our portal to register/login yourself and proceed ahead with your admission application.

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B.Sc. in Grooming and Styling feesFees


B.Sc. in Grooming and Styling


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B.Sc. in Grooming and Styling CurriculumCurriculum

History of Grooming and Styling

Human anatomy & Ergonomics

Understanding Costume and Accessories

Understanding Cosmetology

Communicating to express

Society and everyday fashion

Basics of Photography

Hair Care & Art

Nail Care & Art

Professional Protocol & Etiquettes

Skin Care & Art

Fashion Styling

Trend Forecast Study

Material & Method studies -I

Yoga Theoretical Concepts



Concept of Ayurveda

Business of Professional grooming

Commercial and Professional Styling

Art, Culture & Performance -II

Wardrobe planning

Health science & professional responsibility

Art, culture & performances-I

Gender identity & Grooming

Material & Machine studies -II

Yoga Practices –II

Personal & Social Etiquettes

Fashion Icons & Stylist

Yoga Practices – 1

Electives_4_G&S (Choice Based)


Ethical Standards and laws

Sustainable approach to Grooming and Styling

Makeover & critical perspective

Professional Modeling –I

Image Building

Open Elective


Elective_5_G&S (Choice-based)

Final Project & Portfolio



B.Sc. in Grooming and Styling Curriculum Laboratories


Design Studio

As a way of developing the practical skills of the students, the Faculty of Design has a designated studio which develops the practical skills and understanding of the students which exposes their

B.Sc. in Grooming and Styling CurriculumActivities

Architecture, Fine Arts & Design Expo 2019

As a concluding mark to their academic journey, the budding architects, designers and fine arts students of Parul University, made an outstanding display of their artistic, and innovative creativity during the recently held academic exhibition. With their cutting-edge thought process and their understanding of five years of education, the students of the faculties of architecture, fine arts and design showcased their final year projects. This was a pure result of hard work, commitment and dedication on the part of the student and their faculties. The students explored a diversified blend of projects, with themes covering the various aspects of political, environmental, psychological, cultural and the social elements.

Workshop on Applique work by Ruma Devi

Ruma Devi, a popular traditional handicraft artisan from Rajasthan visited the Faculty of Design - Parul University and conducted a workshop, wherein she instructed the students regarding the essential elements of applique handloom. Design students at PU also got the opportunity of exhibiting Ruma Devi's quintessential designs, along with their own clothing designs during a fashion show organized in honor of her visit.

Master Class on Fashion Designing by Anna Singh

Two-time National Award winning costume designer Anna Singh had a conversation with Fashion Design students at Parul Institute of Design. She conducted a master class on fashion design and shared her experience of designing costumes for over 1001 movies and the commonwealth games. She instructed the students regarding the various aspects of fashion design which match the contemporary demands of the industry.

International Art and Sculpture Festival

A series of Workshops are conducted for the students with an intention to develop various skill sets required to evolve as a Designer and to understand the principles of working with different materials such as clay, siforex, wood, bamboo, etc. and media such as pencil, colors, paints, charcoal, etc. The students are also given an exposure of various brainstorming sessions conducted by various External experts from the industry and profession, by virtue of which they would eventually evolve as good and sensible designers.

Fashion Stylization Workshop

Shri. Bhavin Patel, Assistant Professor in Parul Institute of Design conducted a one day workshop on "Fashion Stylization" on December 30, 2017 at International Institute of Fashion Design, Vadodara. The students of the 3rd year in IIFA, Vadodara participated in the workshop and learnt about Fashion Illustration Method adopted in Draping and Rendering. The participants and the institute expressed their gratitude to Shri. Bhavin Patel for sharing his invaluable knowledge in the field of design through this workshop.