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The growth of pharmaceutical companies has resulted from the rising demand in medicine and medical supplies across the world. As a way of contributing to this growth, the Faculty of Pharmacy offers a four year bachelors degree program in pharmacy which seeks to impart within the students the fundamental of pharmaceutical medicine related science and research. The scope of this field includes the purpose of diagnosing the various causes of disease, and the manner and methods through which they can be treated. Beyond merely the treatment protocols and procedure, the field of pharmacy also explores various forms of practical research which can be utilised as a way of eradicating disease causing virus and curbing their spread for the welfare of humanity. As a way of providing the highest form of practical training to the students, the faculty of pharmacy is equipped with state of the art facilities and labratories for research and novel innovations. The program provides a comprehensive approach to the study of pharmacy which provides a platform for the students and faculties to innovate and patent novel treatment modalities. The program curriculum explores various fundamental subjects of pharmacy which include Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. The program goes on to develop and nurture the interpersonal skills of the students, as a way of enhancing and promoting their employability and creating more placement opportunities.


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B.PharmProgram Outcomes

Why Study B.Pharm

With decease outbreaks and virus pandemics continuously occurring around the world, pharmacy maintains a position of great and vital significance as a vehicle for the formulation of treatment methods and medications. Owing to this fact the pharmaceutical industries are ever growing, thus always in demand for capable human resources with the abilities and skills to navigate the industry and bring solutions to humanity. The program is integrated with medicine, thus students who get to pursue this program have a career leverage in the pharmacy sector, with prospective careers in:


An ability to apply innovative medicinal and treatment modalities for diseases and viruses which may affect the well-being and livelihood of humanity as a whole.


An ability to navigate the various streams of the pharmaceutical industry, and display effective career competencies.

Drug Inspector

Drug Inspector

The ability to develop the relevant soft skills and professional ethics which are vital for navigating the career landscape.


The ability to conduct effective forms of research and experimentation in the various streams of pharmaceutical related sciences.

Chemical Technician

Chemical Technician

An ability to understand and comprehend the new forms of technologies and innovate solutions for the welfare of the society.

Duration: 4 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

For admission to B.Pharm Courses, the candidate shall have passed HSCE


Mode of Admission

For admissions please visit our portal to register/login yourself and proceed ahead with your admission application.

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B.Pharm feesFees



₹ 95,550/- Annually*

* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

B.Pharm CurriculumCurriculum

Human Anatomy and Physiology I±Theory Pharmaceutical Analysis I ±Theory
Pharmaceutics I-Theory 4 Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
Communication skills- Remedial Biology-
Remedial Mathematics - Human Anatomy and Physiology ±Practical
Pharmaceutical Analysis I ±Practical 2 Pharmaceutics I-Practical
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry Communication skills-Practical
Remedial Biology -Practical French-2
Human Anatomy & Physiology - Pharmaceutics -
Medicinal Biochemistry - Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry -
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry - Biology
Remedial Mathematics Pathophysiology
Pharmaceutical Microbiology - Pharmacognosy and Phytopharmaceuticals -
Pharmacology - I Community Pharmacy
Pharmacotherapeutics -
Pharmacology - II - Pharmaceutical Analysis -
Pharmacotherapeutics - II - Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence -
Medicinal Chemistry - Pharmaceutical Formulations -
Pharmacotherapeutics - III - Hospital Pharmacy -
Clinical Pharmacy - Biostatistics & Research Methodology -
Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics - Clinical Toxicology -
Clinical Research - Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics -
Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacotherapeutic Drug Monitoring -
Clerkship - Project Work
French-2 German-2

B.Pharm Curriculum Laboratories


Research and Development Lab

As a way of promoting research, innovation and novel ideas in the field of pharmacy, Parul University, has a designated research and development laboratory.


Computer Labs

Pharmacy education is becoming highly digital thus it maintains close ties with the contemporary trends in innovative technology therefore specific computer labs are designated for the pharmacy

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Research lab

Research lab

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Practical lab

Practical lab

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Quality assurance lab

Quality assurance lab



B.Pharm CurriculumActivities

GUJCOST National Seminar on “Quality Management System and Statistical Control – Key tools for Regulatory Compliance”

The Faculty of Pharmacy organized a GUJCOST sponsored one day National Seminar on the theme 'Quality Management System and Statistical Control, Key tools for Regulatory Compliance' on 29th December, 2018. Luminaries and Academicians from the Pharmaceutical Fraternity participated in this National Seminar which also received huge support from renowned Pharmaceutical Industries such as Mil Laboratory, Vasu Health Care Limited, Sharma Pharmaceutical Industry, Symbiotic Inc, West Coast Pharma etc

Workshop on Frontier Techniques in Preclinical Research

The workshop on 'Frontier Techniques in Preclinical Research' was organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy, with an aim to provide a platform to academicians and budding pharmacists to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of preclinical research with 61 participants, from different colleges and institutes of Gujarat. Mr. Vineet Gopal, Executive Director, Gentech Marketing and Distribution Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, graced the inaugural function as chief guest. First scientific session was conducted by Dr. Kirti Patel, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy, M S University, Baroda. She narrated about the newer avenues of cancer research.

Industrial Visit At Alkem Laboratories

As a way of enhancing the career competencies of the students, the Faculty of Pharmacy organized an industrial visit for VIIth Sem B. Pharm students to Alkem Laboratories Private Limited at Nani Daman. The students were divided in three groups consisting of 20 students in each group. The students and faculties were taken around the departments of Alkem Laboratories by their staff and explained in detail of the various equipments and processes.

Pharma Fest

Pharma Fest is an annual festival held on World pharmacy day which celebrates and honours the significant role which the field of Pharmacy has made towards the development and welfare of humanity as a whole. The platform features avenues for student creative expression through various curricular and co-curricular activities. For the Pharmacy students the platform develops and shapes their interpersonal skills and personal confidence to match the needs of the industry and enhance their employability.