About Biotechnology Engineering

Biotechnology is a specialized technical field which is applied to sub disciplines of biology like genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, medicine, etc. Its the study of biomolecular and cellular processes to invent technologies and processes to improve lives and surroundings. Till now 250+ biotechnical products, healthcare items and vaccines have been launched all over the world, which have solved numerous untreatable diseases. Parul University offers a 4 year B.Tech. program in Biotechnology, which educates students on utilizing the biological processes which include the study of microorganisms  and antibiotics to further them in various industrial processes. Our expert league of faculties expose students to the unique coursework which integrates biology to technology in many ways. Beside this, the co-curicular activities like seminars, workshops and expert talks introduce students to the utilization of organisms and fundamentals of chemical engineering and bioprocessing. With an endless pool of career opportunities in the various technical, medical and research industries, biotechnical engineering graduates have a wide range of lucrative career possibilities.


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Biotechnology EngineeringProgram Outcomes

Why Study Biotechnology Engineering

The rampant evolution of technology today, and the continuous growth in the medical field, as a pillar of human livelihood has created a great demand of biotechnical engineers in the medical and engineering fields. In light of this fact, pursing biotechnical engineering places students on a leveraged position as they will be having a wide range of career options. Beyond the scope of the industry, the graduates of this program can also take up careers in research and development.


An ability to study the genetic and physical characteristic of cells and organism, thus creating new products and improving technology.

Clinical Researcher

An ability to conduct on site or remote clinical monitoring visits which are inclusive to reviewing documents, ensuring accuracy of data, verifying documents and accessing clinical trial according to standard protocol and guidelines.

Clinical Researcher
Lab Technician

Lab Technician

An ability to monitor labs regularly, analyze samples, manage reports and samples.

Research Engineer

An ability to understand the contemporary trends in medical technology and to develop new machinery for effective use.

Research Engineer
Technical instructor

Technical instructor

An ability to navigate the industrial dimensions of biomedical engineering to effectively execute various career roles.

Duration: 4 years (Semester System)



Constituent College of Parul University


Eligibility Criteria

Passed (10 + 2) Examination with Physics/ Maths/ Chemistry/ Computer Science/ Electronics/ Information Technology/ Biology/


Mode of Admission

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Biotechnology Engineering feesFees


Biotechnology Engineering

₹ 90,300/- Annually*

* Tuition Fees may vary depending on the Country/ State in which the candidate has passed their qualifying examination.

Biotechnology Engineering CurriculumCurriculum



Basics of biotechnology

Fundamentals of Programming

Basics of Electrical Engineering

Mathematics I

Communication Skills-1

Basic electronics

Engineering graphics


Cell Biology

Environmental Science

Mathematics II

Communication Skills-2


Basics of Microbiology

Basics of Microbiology Lab


Bioanalytical techniques

Bioanalytical techniques Lab

Principles of Biochemistry

Principles of Biochemistry Lab

Chemical Process Calculations

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology Lab

Professional Communication Skills-1


Basics of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Immunology Lab

Plant Biotechnology

Plant Biotechnology Lab

Bioprocess Engineering

Enzyme technology

Bioprocess Engineering Lab

Food Engineering

Food Engineering Lab

Professional Communication Skills-2


Heat and Mass Transfer

Instrumentation and Process Control Lab

Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

Genetic Engineering

Instrumentation and Process control

Genetic Engineering Lab

Industrial Biotechnology

Programming Skills and Placement Essentials (All Branches Except CSE/IT/ICT)

Open Elective 01 (Compulsory Subjects:1)

PEC 01 (Compulsory Subjects :1)

PEC 01-Lab (Compulsory Subjects:1)


Bioinformatics Lab

Metabolic Engineering

Animal Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology Lab

Advances in Molecular Techniques

Advanced Programming and Placement Essentials (All Branches Except CSE/IT/ICT)

Open Elective 02 (Compulsory Subjects :1)

PEC 02 (Compulsory Subjects :1)

PEC 02-Lab (Compulsory Subjects :1)



Molecular medicine

PEC 04 (Compulsory Subjects :1)

Bioseparation techniques

Project II

Bioseparation techniques Lab

Protein Engineering

Cell signalling

PEC 03 (Compulsory Subjects:1)

Bioreactor design

Project I


Biotechnology Engineering Curriculum Laboratories


Biomedical Engineering Labs

The department of Biomedical Engineering seeks to promote and develop the practical skills of the students in preparation for their industrial careers.


Human Anatomy & Physiology laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with human skeleton, stethoscope, organ models of ear, eye, kidney, nose, brain, heart and lungs.


The Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with an Electrocardiography monitoring kit,

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Biomedical Signal Processing laboratory

Biomedical Signal Processing laboratory

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Bioinformatics laboratory

Bioinformatics laboratory

https://paruluniversity.ac.in/Clinical Science laboratory

Clinical Science laboratory

Biotechnology Engineering CurriculumActivities


The 2nd International Conference, Parul University International Conference on Engineering & Technology: Smart Engineering was Jointly organized by Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Parul University, India and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland. The mechanism of civil and mechanical Engineering and Allied Engineering was covered under the theme of 'Smart Innovations' in PiCET'19. First session on day one was on theme: 'Next-Generation Manufacturing'

Tech Expo

One of the Faculty of Engineering's major annual exhibition where the final year students get to exhibit their highly innovative projects. A total of 4,000 students took part in this year's tech expo exhibition where they were showcasing their robots and automated systems which were strategically designed to act as solutions for various socio-economic issues.

STTP on Material Characterization using Sophisticated Analytical Instruments

The department of Biomedical Engineering organized STTP on Material Characterization using Sophisticated Analytical Instruments. The course was sponsored by the Department of Science & Technology, Gujarat Council of Science & Technology Govt. of Gujarat. It was meant to train faculties of different departments such as Chemical, Mechanical, Biomedical, Applied Sciences and research scholars to impart the basic knowledge of the techniques used in characterization of materials.

Industrial Visit at EIE Instruments, Ahmedabad

An industrial visit was organized for 45 students of the 5th semester Biomedical Engineering and Instrumentation & Control Engineering to EIE Instruments, Ahmedabad. Dr. Poonam Mondal and Mr. Dhiraj Mehta accompanied the students in this industrial visit. Mr. Ravi Parikh, Techno-Commercial Head briefed about the industry, its different units and functions.