About Smart TV Repairing (LED and LCD)

The Certificate Program in Smart TV Repairing (LED and LCD) is highly beneficial if you’re looking for a career as a handyman/ freelancer/ company repair person, etc. In developing nations, LED, LCD, and smart TV requirements are increasing day by day. Looking towards the present need and depth knowledge of Display Devices of audio and video is necessary for the development of student practical skills. The Course will develop fault finding and solution skills in the domain of display device repairing.

  • Duration:

    4 months including practical project work.

  • Fees:

    Rs.12,000/- for Indian National and $250 for International Candidates.

  • Eligibility:

    The course is open for all who wish to learn.

What You Will Learn?

  • Overall understanding of Electronics circuits and its functioning
  • Understanding and Usage of integrated circuits and their application in the LED and LCD TV.
  • To create career opportunity in the growing TV repair market

Student Testimonial

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of digital electronics circuits and its use in the market.

  • Exposure to LED/LCD TV servicing and repairing center for making career.

  • Make a career either by working as a technician or they can start their own TV repair business