About News anchoring and RJ

The Certificate Program in News anchoring and RJ is a dream course for those who have a flair for the extra-ordinary and creative tasks/ careers.

"It takes boldness, spontaneity, presence of mind, and, at times, a good sense of humor to hold your audience's attention when thousands of eyes and ears are hooked to your words and expressions of your face, expecting you to be informed, educated, and entertaining." News anchors' primary responsibility is to keep the public informed about current events on a national, global, and local level. The following are the tasks of a news anchor: Frame and convey news stories in a clear and understandable manner to viewers or listeners. Furthermore efficiently interacting with the reporters while on the air.
Individuals that host various programs on the radio for a number of stations are known as radio jockeys. The role of a RJ is to engage listeners by playing music or delivering messages in an entertaining and smart way.
In a nutshell, the curriculum is designed to prepare candidates who aspire to perform in a studio or in front of the camera.

  • Duration:

    3 months

  • Fees:

    Rs.15,000/- for Indian National and $250 for International Candidates.

  • Eligibility:

    12th / Graduate / Post Graduate of any discipline, Working Professionals, Aspirants from Foreign Countries with Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, Marketing / Promotion Executives, Entrepreneurs (SMEs, MSMEs), Consultants, Academicians, Any other Professional.

What You Will Learn?

  • Project based learning – Visit to radio station and news studios
  • News Anchor – in vernacular media and international languages TV Host
  • Hosting various shows such as - Cooking Show host, Reality show host

Student Testimonial

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Students will learn the art of presenting news / information and basic details of RJ

  • Students will undergo internship and learn the operations and other nuances of news anchoring and RJ

  • To make students proficient in using all the tools in order to make them industry-ready