About MRI and CT Scan Technician

The Certificate Program in MRI and CT Scan Technician should be your go-to course if you’re planning on joining a medical institution or set up as a technician. Medical Imaging Technique is used for creating pictures of the interior human body. The pictures created by MRI technology are used to identify illnesses and other problems that exist within the human body and organs. MRI technicians must learn how to operate scanners, keep a record of the pictures, and give the record to a doctor for further analysis.
Hospitals, clinics, and medical imaging labs that provide MRI SCAN services can hire MRI technicians. The course aims to improve students' overall knowledge of CT and MRI technologies. After finishing the course, students will be able to provide a variety of CT scan imaging services. The work of MRI technicians also includes imaging, equipment handling, maintenance, and report writing, among other things. In the healthcare business, there is a greater demand for such people.

  • Duration:

    The total duration of the course will be 6 months.

  • Fees:

    Rs. 20,000/- for Indian National and $350 for International Candidates.

  • Eligibility:

    12th PCB pass candidate is eligible for the course

What You Will Learn?

  • Demonstrate an understanding of CT SCAN and its role in medical imaging technology.
  • To setup the MRI and CT scan machine for the procedure.
  • Assist & guide patients to prepare for CT scan and MRI.
  • To evaluate all CT scan and MRI Films while co-ordinating with physicians

Student Testimonial

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Candidate will become CT scan and MRI expert in Medical Imaging Technology.

  • Will be able to Operate CT scan and MRI machinery while following the safety guidelines

  • Monitoring of equipment and ensures that it is in good condition