About Learning Management System in Higher Education

The Certificate Program in Learning Management System in Higher Education is open for all students of diverse educational backgrounds. Dissemination of knowledge is facilitated among intellectuals and professionals from different walks of society through meaningful interactions. The success of the interaction depends on strategies employed for knowledge shore. In the present era of digitalization and a fast-moving economy where professionals are employing different strategies to reach the target audience, it becomes imperative to ensure that the engagements are made meaningful, interesting, and creative. Engagement strategies to reach the target audience can be mode - by addressing in person through live sessions or through virtual sessions. In either mode, it is the responsibility of the knowledge disseminator to present the ideas, information, content, knowledge in an effective way.
The present course is designed to stimulate and acquaint Professionals from different walks of society with strategies and tools to make classroom interactions and engagements effective. Gone are the days where knowledge share was confined to oral deliberations. In the present era which is blessed with technological advancements and multimedia, there needs to be a blend of tradition with technology. The widespread availability of information and communication technologies (ICT) has also transformed higher education institutions (HEls) into multi-choice learning environments that complement classroom learning experience and increase learning based on individual preference, which is independent of time and place (Singh & Kaurt, 2016). What is required is to have the awareness and ease of utilizing these blended strategies for apt engagements in apt situations. The certificate Program in Learning Management System in Higher education is a comprehensive program in teaching techniques to ensure effective interactions/engagements in living as well as virtual sessions.

  • Duration:

    3 months

  • Fees:

    Rs. 5,000/- for Indian Nationals and $ 300 USD for International Candidates

  • Eligibility:

    Graduates in any discipline are eligible to enroll in this program.

What You Will Learn?

  • Explain the concept of LMS and blended learning
  • Enable them to integrate digital tools for evaluation of the content.
  • Acquaint the learners with different interactive platforms for designing interactive sessions.
  • Plan, develop and implement virtual interactive sessions

Student Testimonial

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • State the importance of LMS and Blended learning in 21 st century pedagogical practices

  • Design and Develop an interactive teaching program for the learners with the help of digital tools

  • Evaluate the content delivered using digital tools