Expert Lectures

Expert talks helps in equipping the students by bringing the industry knowledge into class rooms and making the participants competitive through interaction with top professionals.

Happiness and Innovation

An expert talk was organized by Parul University for the students of Parul Institute of Management and Research. An eminent personality, Dr.Rekha Shetty popularly known as ‘Corporate Head’, who is the Managing Director of Fartsar Distribution Network and an efficacious author, was invited to boost the gusto of the students.

Dr.Rekha evoked the students that how happiness can lead to creativity and innovation. She stated that being unhappy can result in de-motivation and stress in the long run in our lives ahead. She further showed few videos to develop a competitive edge among the management students. She also orated about India, the creativity that habitats here, and how it’s only the happiest soul that can conceive it.


Entrepreneurial Opportunities using ICT

Parul University welcomed the experts from The Mentors & Enablers for delivering an expert talk on “How to make use of ICT for career opportunity” and an introduction to Certificate Course on Enterprise Leadership.

The Experts present for the talk were also the Facilitators of The Mentors & Enablers. Mr. J C Shukla, Ms. Nanda Dave, Mr. Bala Mookoni.

The talk began with an ice breaking activity by Ms. Nanda Dave where she asked students to correct the equation 5+5+5 = 550 by changing any one sign of the equation. She also elaborated that, in life one faces many problems but we should always look for a solution. The Solution of one’s problem need not be the same for the other. Then she interacted with the students by asking them their biggest career concern.